Sue Simmons - You're not alone ...

Take heart Sue Simmons -- you're just one in a long line of television anchors to drop the F-bomb, go live while drunk or stoned or otherwise just totally freak out and meltdown on air.

In the spirit of misery loving company -- Sue, this video round-up of newscasters behaving badly goes out to you:

1. Arthur Chi'en drops the F-bomb on CBS. Status: Fired

-- Lauren Johnston2. CNN anchor drops the F-bomb

3. F-bomb written on the traffic screen

4. ESPN f-bomb

5. CNN Weatherman has a hurricane tantrum

6. On-location freak-out

7. Jessica Savitch: Just very angry...

8. Live stand-up with a little F-bomb

9. She meant to say "top cop," but instead she said .....

10. Total Tourette's weatherman

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