The worse the station, the more the fare hike moaning

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By Heather Haddon

Dripping ceilings, peeling walls and a distinct smell of urine: This subway station doesn’t makes riders happy about a fare hike.

“It's just pretty terrible,” said Vram Melek, 32, as he waited in the shabby Court Street station on the R line Thursday.

Grumbling about the coming fare hike is near universal, but its the riders in renovated stations and better-served lines who seem to be taking the medicine better.

“We should pay double,” said Sam Simon, who frequently uses the gleaming South Ferry station on the No. 1 line. “Our lives are completely dependent on their infrastructure. You get what you pay for.”MetroCard machines, turnstiles and bus fare boxes will all change over to the new fares at 12:01 a.m. Sunday, NYC Transit said. Those who purchased a MetroCard prior must swipe it by July 6 to keep it active.

At the 46th Street station in Astoria, riders wished the fare increase came with better service. Weekend travel on the G has been intermittent in Queens for months.

“Might as well get a car,” said Marcia Roberts, 28, a G rider.

Others straphangers were just thankful that the doomsday service cuts didn't transpire.

“It doesn't have to be pretty. It doesn't have to be clean. It just has to be efficient,” said Charles Fiore, 53, a Bay Ridge rider who uses the Court Street station.

The MTA declined comment for this story.

Anastasia Economides contributed to this story.


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