This dog escaped a cargo crate and ran all over LaGuardia's runway

A man attempts to retrieve a dog after

A man attempts to retrieve a dog after it escaped from its cage at LGA Airport. (Getty) (Credit: A man attempts to retrieve a dog after it escaped from its cage at LGA Airport. (Getty))

A new breed of traveler brought a runway at LaGuardia Airport to a halt Wednesday.

The Delta Air Lines customer named Byrdie, a 30-pound Rhodesian ridgeback puppy, escaped from her crate as she was being loaded into a plane and sent officials on a 10-minute chase.

The young pooch's midmorning escapade delayed several flights, said Port Authority spokesman Ron Marsico, adding that Byrdie escaped at about 10:20 a.m., just before her flight to Memphis was set to leave.

"All-time first: Flight delayed because of stray dog on LaGuardia runway. Eight of NYC's finest now in pursuit," tweeted Ira Winderman, who was aboard a delayed flight.

Young Ridgebacks are sometimes known for being "roamers," according to the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States.

The pup evaded beckoning Port Authority and police officials as she ran around on the runway.

"The peppy puppy decided it would be fun to have some exercise on Runway 31 in LaGuardia," Marsico said.

Byrdie finally responded when her unidentified owner came to the runway and called out to her, ending the brief standoff.

"Byrdie and her owner were put back on the plane and said plane went on its merry way," Marsico said.

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Runway Runaways

Last June, flights were delayed after 150 turtles moseyed onto the runway at Kennedy Airpot, apparently looking for a good place to lay their eggs.

In 2010, a rare breed show dog escaped from the cargo bay of a Continental plane at LaGuardia and swam around Flushing Bay.

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