This is CBS --- and that's Katie still outside West 57th

(Credit: Urbanite)

Katie Couric's troubled run in Uncle Walter's chair at CBS is now drawing to a predictable, if cringe-inducing close. But if you were to handicap her fate as the face of CBS News by examining the facade of the CBS building in Hell's Kitchen, well, you'd think a very different outcome is likely.

For now at least, a banner proudly announces to all who venture out to the wilds of 10th Avenue and West 57th Street that Katie is still the plum of the network's eye.Indeed, it attaches her image to yet another storied brand of CBS News -- See It Now, birthed by Edward R. Murrow and Fred Friendly. Well, soon enough, we'll probably see a similar banner touting Harry Smith, Scott Pelley ... or Coop?

-- Rolando Pujol

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