Throwback Thursday: Sunday's Great Movie

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Picture it. It's a lazy Sunday afternoon in 1984 and there's isn't much of anything to do, except, perhaps, to watch television. And 11 Alive is ready to deliver. We enjoyed this collection of commercial breaks from Sunday's Great Movie. For starters, there's that funky jingle for the bumper -- to us, it just screams Sunday afternoon. And then a great collection of commercials. These ads are treasure troves of New Yorkania, and of the area's retail history. Do watch it from the beginning for the full effect, but if you want the highlights, here's where you want to fast forward:

2:27: Kleinsleep (The jingle: Have more fun in bed)

4:48: The Money Store (with Phil Rizzuto offering a Cabbage Patch doll giveaway)

5:18: Apex Tech (with the "Apex Tech Man"; remember, you have to call first)

6:19: NBO (They sell everything except shoes!)

6:28: Crazy Eddies (Where prices are insane!)

6:57: Jordache Jeans (The sound was less disco by now, but it's worth a listen to see one of those practices you never see on TV anymore. The local announcer (in this case Bill Biery) interrupts the ad at the end to tell us that the jeans are "available at Sid's Pants and Jeans Country."

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-- Rolando Pujol

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