Trace of an old pet shop surfaces where Duane Reade once held court

(Credit: Urbanite)

With the Duane Reade signage stripped, a sign for an old pet shop has resurfaced on Broadway in the mid 70s. (Photos by Rolando Pujol)

By Rolando Pujol

It's an unusual sight for a couple of reasons. For one, we're used to Duane Reades spreading and consuming every old drug store in their path, not closing.

But with this vast lot now cleared on 2150 Broadway between 75th and 76th streets on the Upper West Side, a couple of curious artifacts have surfaced. For one, you can see what looks like an old fireplace way in the back of the store. And right outside, an old sign has surfaced for a pet shop. These dog owners might see an irony in the site's long-ago occupant.

Anyone out there know more about this block's past?

What appears to be an old fireplace can be clearly seen inside the former Duane Reade.

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