Two Boots pizza stomps up to Yorkville

(Credit: Urbanite)

Mimma's in Yorkville was a solid spot for a slice. (Photo by Emily Hulme)

On my way to work this morning, I noticed this sad sight: My favorite neighborhood pizzeria -- Mimma's, on 84th Street and Second Avenue -- is now the future home of another Two Boots.

Now, I know people like Two Boots, and I myself have enjoyed a slice from time to time. But it's a very particular taste, and we already have a gourmet pizza shop in the neighborhood: Pintaile's. Sometimes you're just in the mood for a slice's slice, and that's what Mimma's excelled at. Also, they were open late, making them a perfect post-bar stop on the way home.

Mimma's was nothing fancy, but they had a good sauce and served simple pizza done right. You will be missed. RIP Mimma's ... long live Two Boots.

-- Emily Hulme

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