Uncle O'Grimacey, where have you gone?

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Remarkably effective (and long defunct) marketing by the McDonald's Corp, and its co-conspirator, Uncle O'Grimacey, a now retired resident of McDonaldland, sets off a Pavlovian response in us every March 17. Must drink Shamrock Shake.

But the folks at McDonald's, after years of bombarding our market with ads for this minty treat, pulled Shamrock Shakes from the New York area years ago. The corporation said last year that area franchisees haven't shown interest in bringing back the shake. So we'll add our voice to the chorus at Bring Back the Shamrock Shake, which has been on the case for years. And here, the road trip minded can get intel on where to find a McDonald's with a Shamrock Shake.

It appears they pick up again from Trenton on south, and from southern Connecticut on north. You can't miss them in Boston. Saturday night, it so happens, some friends invited us to dinner at a Thai restaurant in Norwalk, Conn. So, sensing an opportunity, we stopped at a prominent McDonald's off I-95 ... and left with a vanilla shake. Our attempt to describe a Shamrock Shake to the man at the counter was comical. He'd never heard of it, but he did helpfully offer that he could blend vanilla and chocolate.

Great. I'd be better off trying this.

There is, by the way, hope, New Yorkers. Shamrock Shakes have returned to Canada after a five-year absence.

-- Rolando Pujol

Here's evidence of those oh-so-successful decades of marketing:

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