Washington Heights abduction was a prank: NYPD

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The gunpoint abduction in Washington Heights that scared onlookers and New Yorkers over the weekend, was apparently well-acted stunt, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

The commissioner confirmed Monday that the NYPD received word that the alleged kidnapping of a man and woman was part of a birthday party prank with a group of friends who went to the Poconos.

The police said there would be no charges against the people involved because none of the pranksters called 911 or filed a false police report.

On Friday, a group of onlookers watched in horror as two men allegedly armed with guns chased the victims down Haven Avenue near and West 173rd Street around 7 p.m. The "suspects" took the victims and threw them into a minivan before driving off.

Several pedestrians in the area, including teenagers, heard the woman's screams and called the cops.

Police had no information about the victims, since no missing persons report was filed, and released several videos of the attack that were captured by nearby cameras.

The video spread quickly spread on the blogs around the country and surprised the pranksters, according to Kelly

"One of participants came home from the party and his mother or someone told him about the hoax. He goes to one of the news sites and sees the films and realize he was involved. He called up [the NYPD] TIPS hotline," he said.

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