We're all recessionistas now

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Grace Marzioli is a true recessionista. Credit: Nicholas Culp


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In this economy, we could all learn a thing or two from recessionista Grace Marzioli.

Creator of the blog highfashiongirl.blogspot.com (which focuses on “being chic while being cheap”), Marzioli benefits from taking on extra work and adding to her savings.

“I have a desk job, but I wear other hats: fashion stylist, personal shopper, eBay seller and blogger,” she said.

She provided suggestions on how to become a true recessionista:

Be brutally honest

“My generation wasn’t prepared for hardship,” said Marzioli, who is 25. “But we can deal with reality and overcome it with unbreakable rules.”

Take an honest look at your finances — income, expenses, debt. “Lock up those credit cards,” she urged.

Make a no-frills budget. “If you don’t need something to live, out it goes,” she said. “Leave a few bucks for New York fun.”Treasure-hunt for freebies

“Get into ‘something for nothing,’ like library books, concerts and movies in the park, cocktail parties at galleries,” Marzioli said. “Check out barter on Freecycle.org and hold swap parties,” she suggested.

You can also turn DIY. Do your own hair-dyeing and mani-pedis with friends, make and carry your own coffee to work, and “zap bar and restaurant tabs by brewing your own beer, cooking at home and throwing potluck dinners,” she said.

Making money, clearing clutter

Do odd jobs: Post fliers for baby-sitting, dog-walking and painting.

“Open an eBay account or co-host sidewalk sales,” suggested Marzioli. “Sell your sample-sale clothes and decorative items you’ve outgrown.”

If you’re creative, sell your crafts on Etsy.com.

“Recessionista life becomes a fun challenge, a game you can win,” she said.

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