Welcome to Yogurtville

(Credit: Urbanite)


Stop calling it Murray Hill. 10016 is officially the zip code of Yogurtville.

Everywhere you turn in this 'hood boasts another frozen yogurt shop. So we took a quick walk and counted. On our little excursion, we found the following places that sell fro-yo (and a lot of people with hair gel). And we have a stomachache.

Tasti D-Lite (29th and Third, 31st and Second, 36th and Third), Berrywild (30th and Third), Crème Lite (around 31st and Third), Baskin Robbins (around 30th and Third). And there’s a Pinkberry and a Flurt a little ways down.

Mmm ... I’m hungry for … anything but fro yo.

— Julie Gordon

Tags: Eat&Drink , shopping

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