What's in Season: Mushrooms

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By Ben Muessig

Special to amNewYork

The chilly months are a great time for fungi. This week, stock up on a medley of mushrooms that offers a diverse array of flavors.

“We have all kinds of mushrooms that are really good right now,” said Alok Subedi of John D. Madura Farms. He recommends sauteing fresh mushrooms as a side or serving them in a homemade tomato sauce.One of the more popular varieties at Subedi’s Pine Island, N.Y., farm are cremini mushrooms — a small, coffee-colored variety that are actually baby portobellos.

These are the perfect alternative to milder button mushrooms, and can add a rich taste to salads, garnishes and sides.

Before plating raw creminis, douse them in lemon juice or vinegar to keep them from turning brown.

When cremini mushrooms mature, they grow into giant portobellos, whose meaty caps are a great entree. Serve them roasted, grilled or sauteed for a low-calorie, high-vitamin dish that is fat- and cholesterol- free.

A more delicate variety is the oyster mushroom, which is considered a gourmet confection throughout much of the world.

Most popular in Asia, these flat-topped mushrooms earned their name for their distinctive cap — said to resemble the prized bivalve in appearance and flavor.

Oyster mushrooms have a sweet flavor and a soft texture perfect for stir-fries and soups.

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