Whole Foods: Go hungry; leave full

This week my daughter Grace and I dropped by Manhattan’s newest Whole Foods outpost in Tribeca to pick up a few groceries for dinner. We were in the store for three minutes when a cheerful young woman offered us a taste of kiwi. It wasn’t just a taste; it was kiwi halves – gold or the usual green – in a cup with a matching green spoon/knife. Very chic.

A few steps into the frozen food section a man cooking empanadas handed us a whole broccoli and cheddar sample. Very tasty.

An aisle away, another fellow wearing an apron was dishing out nice portions of a pasta and vegetables. Nearby there was a sampling of nuts and dried fruits, and as we left the store we sipped on a fairly large cup of an unsweetened energy drink. Very satisfying.

We spent just about a half an hour in the store, but we left well fed. No need to cook dinner.

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Diane Goldie

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