Williamsburg cart delivers local foods to the masses

(Credit: Urbanite)

The McCarren Park dog run just got a lot more civilized with the addition of a food cart and 10 picnic tables with umbrellas supplied by the nearby all local/organic market Urban Rustic, locoated on N. 12th Street.

After talking with the Parks Department, Urban Rustic donated the tables along with four garbage cans and several planter boxes for the previously underused area between the dog run and the park’s community garden, The Green Dome.

The idea has been in the works since the store opened last December, said owner Luis Illades, and finally came to life over Labor Day Weekend.

“A lof of what we're trying to do is have these local foods, grass-fed and cage-free but make it available to everyone. So we figured the ultimate way to do that was to have cart food,” he said.

Already, the patch of grass and concrete where the cart vendors dish up (cage-free) egg breakfast sandwiches and apple-maple sausage baguettes has morphed from a dog park crosswalk into a neighborhood destination.

The plan was hatched when Illades called the Parks Department to talk about donating some garbage cans before the store opened last year.

“I didn’t want our coffee lids and cups floating around,” he said. It turns out the department had long-planned to install some tables and also to open up a bid for a hot dog vendor in that spot, but never found room in its budget to get the plan off the ground.

So Illades put in a bid, and the parks people loved his idea. The cart is now open seven days a week with plans to stay open through the cold months, hopefully with new hot chocolate menu items provided by Brooklyn chocolate-makers the Mast Brothers.

“I think Sunday is going to be the most perfect day there,” Illades said. “There are a lot of young families there and they can get brunch for under $10. That's what I'm shooting for.”

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