Yankee Stadium: Beginning of the goodbye

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Our Ryan Chatelain catches up with Bucky Dent, neighborhood businesses and fans as the team begins its final season at the House That Ruth Built. This will be a strange season in many ways. One fascinating aspect is that you'll have two Yankee Stadiums side by side: The 1974-75 version, which undid lots of the original detail, and the new ballpark, which is a throwback to the old stadium Ruth knew, and restores that lost detail in a slightly more compact stadium.

The new Yankee Stadium took another symbolic step forward Saturday with the installation of the "eagles" next to the stadium name. Compare Saturday's photo with the way the sign looked in 1948. It's uncanny.

It seems that, somehow, the Yanks could have worked with the original, keeping the team on the same sacred ground. It's one of those turn of events we'll never accept. But it's hard to dismiss the beauty of the stadium rising next door.

-- Rolando Pujol

Flags fly at half-staff at Yankee Stadium in 1948 to mark

the death of Babe Ruth. (AP)

The New York Yankees unveils the re-created "eagle" medallions and lifts them into place Saturday at the main entrance of the new stadium (Alejandra Villa/Newsday).

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