Yankees MLB's 'Most Valuable Team,' again: Forbes

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter (Credit: Derek Jeter (Getty Images))

The Yankees are baseball’s most valuable team for a 16th consecutive year, while the Mets rank sixth in a survey released by Forbes Wednesday.

The 27-time World Series champion Yankees, owned by the Steinbrenner family, were valued at $2.3 billion, a 24% jump from last year.

They surpassed the Dallas Cowboys, who are worth $2.1 billion, as the most valuable sports team.

The Mets, who recently refinanced $450 million of debt through their SNY cable network, were valued at $811 million.

The ranking takes all facets of an organization’s income into account, including stadium operations, broadcasting deals and building developments.

Here’s the full Forbes list of MLB franchise values:

1. Yankees -- $2.3 billion
2. Dodgers -- $1.6 billion
3. Red Sox -- 1.3 billion
4. Cubs -- $1 billion
5. Phillies -- $893 million
6. Mets -- $811 million
7. Giants -- $786 million
8. Rangers -- $764 million
9. Angels -- $718 million
10. Cardinals --$716 million 


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