'Nametag Day' project hopes New York a little friendlier

(Getty Images)

(Credit: (Getty Images))

The stereotype of the cold, hard New Yorker is one that a city group hopes to thaw.

An outfit of civic-minded artsy types plans to distribute at least 30,000 — and perhaps up to 200,000 — free nametags in New York on June 1, as a mass conversation starter in the city that (allegedly) never speaks.

The interactive art project “will break down the small barriers between people” and propagate...

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Weather delays 1 WTC's crowning

One World Trade Center in lower Manhattan.

(Credit: Getty Images)

Rain has set back 1 World Trade Center’s new plateau.

Construction crews were planning to raise the last piece of the 104-floor skyscraper to its roof Monday, but high winds forced officials to postpone the lift until the weather cooperates.

When the spire is eventually installed, 1 World Trade Center will be the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere at 1,776 feet, according to...

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Longer school day will get test

(Getty Images)

(Credit: (Getty Images))

Some city middle schoolers will have to change their afternoon plans.

The Department of Education said Monday it will test a pilot program to extend the school day at 20 schools by 12 hours a week as part of the Middle School Quality Initiative.

Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said teachers will devote that added time to academic literacy. “We’re closing the achievement gap —...

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New on DVD & Blu-ray: 'Manborg,' 'Silver Linings Playbook,' more


(Credit: "Manborg")

‘Manborg’ The super-indie sci-fi horror film “Manborg” is not what you’d call a good movie. The acting is laughable, the effects are cheesy and the script is groan worthy. But that’s by design. Created by Astron 6 Video, this awesome throwback is a love letter to 1980s direct-to-VHS action films with over-the-top painted cover art. If you’re a fan of such “classic” films, “Manborg” is not just recommended...

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A sketch of Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer

(Credit: Amy Schumer )

New York City comedian Amy Schumer has been all over Comedy Central the past few years, from appearances on “Celebrity Roasts” where she’s taken Charlie Sheen and Roseanne Barr down a notch, to episodes of “The Burn with Jeffrey Ross” and “The Jeselnik Offensive” and her own stand-up special, “Mostly Sex Stuff.”

Fans will be getting to see a lot more of the 31-year-old Chelsea comedian tonight...

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April job growth to be affected by sequester

(Getty Images)

(Credit: (Getty Images))

It’s a busy week of economic news releases, toplined by the Labor Department’s April employment report, due out on Friday.

March was an extremely disappointing month for jobs, with only 88,000 added, when the consensus forecast on Wall Street was 200,000.

Economists expect nonfarm payrolls to increase by 150,000 in April, an improvement from March, but still short of the average 212,000...

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Editorial: 1 WTC is much, much more than its record height


(Credit: (Getty Images))

Nothing is easy for 1 World Trade Center, the building formerly known as the Freedom Tower. Designed to fill the void that was left after terrorists destroyed the Twin Towers, the building has been reconfigured, repositioned and renamed — only to be delayed for months on end while a nasty free-for-all raged over who would pay for what. Then yesterday, just as the Port Authority was poised to drop...

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Almontaser: Violence of a few doesn't represent Islam

NYPD officers in Times Square. (Getty Images)

(Credit: NYPD officers in Times Square. (Getty Images))

Last Thursday New Yorkers everywhere felt a sinking feeling in our stomachs. Mayor Michael Bloomberg revealed that the Tsarnaev brothers had planned to bring the same acts of terror that shook the Boston Marathon to our own Times Square.

It was sickening to learn that the terror we saw in Boston was intended for our own city as well. It also reinforced the gratitude we all feel for the heroic...

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Here are five tasty reasons to visit Westchester County

Pastrami cured gravlax at Moderne Barn

(Credit: Pastrami cured gravlax at Moderne Barn (Linnea Covington))

For a mini vacation that’s mere miles away, take a car or train to Westchester County for a dose of nature and history, and also some solid eats.

In between meals, head to New Rochelle to see the preserved 18th century home of Thomas Paine, the father of the American Revolution, meander through the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery where Washington Irving, Andrew Carnegie and William Rockefeller are...

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Spotted: Mayor Bloomberg eating breakfast, Anderson Cooper dining in SoHo and more

Mayor Bloomberg (Getty)

(Credit: Mayor Bloomberg (Getty))

Mayor Michael Bloomberg grabbing eggs, toast and coffee at Brooklyn Diner in Times Square

Anderson Cooper and boyfriend Ben Maisani eating dinner at Rogue & Canon in SoHo before heading for drinks at Jimmy at The James hotel

"A Case of You" co-stars Evan Rachel Wood and Justin Long "having a blast" while eating dinner with friends at Isola Trattoria & Crudo...

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