Movie Review: 'Passion' -- 2 stars

Rachel McAdams in "Passion"

(Credit: Rachel McAdams in "Passion")

Passion 2 stars Directed by Brian De Palma Starring Rachel McAdams, Noomi Rapace Rated R

Brian De Palma's "Passion" is a positively nutty movie. In an age of mind-numbing cinematic clones, that's something to celebrate, even if the film isn't actually any good.

You're unlikely to be bored by the depiction of the rivalry between controlling advertising boss Christine (Rachel...

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Britain, U.S. make case for strike against Syria

President Barack Obama (FILE PHOTO/ GETTY)

(Credit: President Barack Obama (FILE PHOTO/ GETTY))

President Barack Obama told Americans a military strike against Syria is in their interest following a gas attack last week and Britain said armed action would be legal, but intervention looked set to be delayed until U.N. investigators report back.

Senior Obama administration officials are expected to brief congressional leaders later on Thursday, with lawmakers complaining they have not...

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Fox disputes reports that Kris Jenner show is dead and buried

Kris Jenner

(Credit: Kris Jenner (Getty Images))

Fox will not make a decision until autumn whether to bring back “Kris,” the daytime talk show headed by Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner, for the 2014 fall season, a Fox spokesman said Wednesday.

Radar Online reported that, despite a viewership bump resulting from Kanye West’s appearance on the final show in which he showed a photo of his baby with Kim Kardashian, “abysmal” ratings for the...

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Battery Park City: A bustling nabe with beautiful greenery

View of the Esplanade in Battery Park City

(Credit: View of the Esplanade in Battery Park City (Jennifer S. Altman))

When visiting Battery Park City, you might want to bring sunscreen or a light jacket. Although BPC covers only 92 acres, more than a third of the neighborhood consists of parks and public spaces.

With its flower-lined walkways, waterside paths and lush lawns, Battery Park City is a pedestrian’s dream. For some, it is hard to think that this bustling neighborhood was nothing more than an idea...

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City opens up first phase of Hunter's Point redevelopment

(Edward Reed/Mayor's Office)

(Credit: (Edward Reed/Mayor's Office))

Mayor Michael Bloom-berg opened up western Queens' newest park Wednesday.

Hunters Point South Waterfront Park includes views of Manhattan and 5.5-acres of green space and park amenities.

The Long Island City park is phase one of a redevelopment project for the 30-acre space at Hunters Point that includes a new public school, retail and 5,000 units of housing, 60% of which will be designated...

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Electric Zoo a cakewalk for electro star Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki

(Credit: Steve Aoki (Getty))

There may be no better showman in electronic dance music than Steve Aoki, the L.A.-based electro house producer.

Not content to stand behind the controllers and just select music, Aoki’s live shows include the prerequisite champagne spraying, a ride on an inflatable raft kept aloft by the audience (the next generation of crowd surfing, essentially) and, maybe the oddest Aoki tradition, a cake...

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Q&A: Kathryn Hahn takes 'Delight' in leading role

Kathryn Hahn in "Afternoon Delight"

(Credit: Kathryn Hahn in "Afternoon Delight")

Kathryn Hahn calls her starring role in “Afternoon Delight” “life- changing.” That’s not a descriptor one casually throws around, especially when you’re a successful actor who has played a starring role on “Crossing Jordan” and parts in comedies from “Anchorman” to “We’re the Millers.”

amNewYork spoke with Hahn about what makes “Afternoon Delight” — in which she plays unhappy mom Rachel, who...

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Mayoral candidates outline the ways they would improve the lives of commuters

Commuters in the city (Getty)

(Credit: Commuters in the city (Getty))

The MTA is a ward of the state, but its buses run on the city’s streets and its trains below sidewalks through tunnels.

The mayor has a limited role in the MTA’s operations, with control of four seats on the agency’s 23-member board, which is outnumbered by the six seats the governor controls.

We asked the candidates running for mayor how they will prioritize transit, help riders get...

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U.S. struggles with the 'Dream': President Obama

Obama, former president Jimmy Carter, First Lady Michelle

(Credit: Obama, former president Jimmy Carter, First Lady Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton. (Getty))

The U.S. is struggling to fully realize the vision that Martin Luther King described in his famous “I have a dream” speech 50 years ago, as the goal of economic security for all remains elusive, President Barack Obama said Wednesday.

Obama spoke to thousands of marchers on Washington’s National Mall to commemorate King’s landmark address, which came to symbolize the struggle for equality among...

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Editorial: Progress means some in Queens will get an airplane earful

A US Airways jet airplane is seen taxiing

(Credit: Newsday, 2006 / Robert Mecea)

Being part of a community sometimes means taking one for the team. This may be one of those moments for Queens residents who have airplanes taking off from LaGuardia Airport thundering over their homes.

The Federal Aviation Administration should do what it can to mitigate the burden for the people of Bayside, Flushing, Douglaston and other Queens communities. That includes closely monitoring...

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