NYC's 12-year club: Pols reflect on a dozen years in office as terms end

Christine Quinn

(Credit: Christine Quinn (Craig Ruttle))

Mayor Michael Bloomberg always jokes about his inner countdown clock and the days he has left in his twelve-year run. However, he isn't the only New York City elected official leaving office on Dec. 31 after three terms.

There are 17 City Council members and borough presidents who have been on the job since 2002 and will have to vacate their offices due to term limits. Many of those leaders...

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City hikes age limit on buying cigarettes

(Charles Eckert)

(Credit: Smokers under 21 will be prohibited from buying tobacco products in the spring. (Charles Eckert))

Mayor Michael Bloomberg yesterday signed a law restricting the sale of cigarettes to people younger than 21.

Increasing the age on cigarette purchases, he said, "will prevent young people from experimenting with tobacco when they are most likely to become addicted."

Bloomberg has crusaded against cigarettes throughout his 12 years in office, first banning smoking from bars...

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Midtown East rezoning put on hold by Council

Midtown East

(Credit: The plan to rezone Midtown East would have raised money for pedestrian access. (Craig Ruttle))

Plans to rezone Manhattan's Midtown East area for new high-rise development have been shelved after negotiations to bring the project to a City Council vote failed Tuesday.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg withdrew the proposal and left the issue to Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio to resolve. In a statement, de Blasio said "unanswered questions" must be addressed and he pledged to offer a revised...

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