Theater review: 'The Commons of Pensacola' -- 2 stars

"The Commons of Pensacola"

(Credit: Blythe Danner and Sarah Jessica Parker in "The Commons of Pensacola")

"The Commons of Pensacola," film actress Amanda Peet's debut as a playwright, also marks Sarah Jessica Parker's first performance on the New York stage since the end of "Sex and the City" about a decade ago.

Parker plays Becca, a middle-aged actress whose father is a Bernie Madoff-like financier recently caught by the authorities, leaving him in jail and her mother Judith...

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Help abounds for voters on Election Day

amny holding image

(Credit: amny)

Voters encountering problems or needing assistance Tuesday can call the Voters Help Line operated by the New York Public Interest Group and Common Cause at 212-822-0282.

The NYPIRG-Common Cause crew of volunteers works from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. to resolve issues such as names missing from poll registration books, ballot problems and broken voting machines. They can also help voters determine if...

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