State, city leaders say nation must follow New York's lead on gun control

Sandy Hook City Hall rally

(Credit: Albany leaders call for improved gun control laws. (Courtesy Assemblymember Brian Kavanagh's office))

Elected officials from all over New York gathered at City Hall Thursday to call on the federal government to follow the Empire State's lead on gun control.

With the anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting massacre Saturday, several state and city leaders said it was clear that the rest of the country was lagging behind when it came to gun safety.

Although Gov. Andrew Cuomo passed...

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Bill de Blasio and family moving on up to Gracie Mansion

Gracie Mansion

(Credit: Charles Eckert)

UPDATED 12/11/12, 7:45 P.M.: Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio and his family are moving to Gracie Mansion, trading the modest Park Slope row house where they share one bathroom for the opulent Yorkville mayoral residence and its eight bathrooms.

While some Brooklynties who shared pizza slices and barbs with the family over the years say the de Blasios will be missed, Manhattanites welcomed their...

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City tanning salons will be regulated by health department

tanning bed

(Credit: The city's health department will regulate tanning salons. (iStock))

If you're planning on getting your artificial tan, be prepared for changes.

The city's Health Dept. unanimously voted Wednesday to regulate tanning salons and shops. Under the regulation, that goes into effect in six months, stores will have to bar customers under 17, require users to use protective goggles and make store owners post signage near the artificial tanning beds about about the...

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City mandates daycare kids get flu vaccine

flu shot

(Credit: Children less than 5 years old must get a flu shot if they go to daycare. (Getty))

Parents who want to put their toddlers in preschool will have to make sure their kids get their shots first.

The health department approved a measure Wednesday that mandates that any child under 5 must get the flu vaccine if they want to enroll in a daycare program. Health Commissioner Thomas Farely said one out of four city kids contract the virus, which is harsher for them due to their weak...

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City Council gives OK for Bronx ice skating rink

bronx rink

(Credit: Mayor's Office)

It's official, the ice is coming to the Bronx.

The City Council approved plans to transform the Kingsbridge Armory into the city's largest indoor ice rink with a 48-1 vote Tuesday.

When the Kingsbridge National Ice Center opens in 2019, it will feature nine rinks that will be open year round, state of the art facilities and seating for 5,000.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he would...

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City opens nation's largest continuous Wi-Fi zone in Harlem


(Credit: Getty)

The nation's largest public Wi-Fi network launched in Harlem Tuesday, eventually offering free outdoor Internet access to thousands of residents and visitors over 95 blocks.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said it's the latest step in creating a comprehensive Wi-Fi zone across all five boroughs.

Tech advocates praised the newest effort to increase Internet access, saying that a wireless Big...

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Schumer calls on feds to mandate conductor cameras in trains

metro-north train

(Credit: Workers upright and move a derailed Metro-North train car. (Charles Eckert))

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer called on the federal government Sunday to step up its safety precautions on trains in light of last week's Metro-North derailment.

Schumer said the National Tranportation Safety Board made several recommendations following a similar crash in 2008, including installing cameras inside the engineer and conducting rooms to monitor the train's crew. As of today, the Federal...

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Interactive map shows you what crimes happened in your nabe

Crime Map

(Credit: The NYPD launched this interactive map that shows crime data. (NYC DoiTT))

Getting all the crime information about your neighborhood down to your block is now a click away.

The city Sunday launched an interactive crime map giving users access to information on reported crimes.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the map, found at maps.nyc.gov/crime, is the next evolution for the NYPD's transparency with New Yorkers who want to know how safe the streets are....

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Cops shoot cane-wielding suspect in Bushwick

Cane attack

(Credit: Police say a Bushwick man struck an officer in the head with this cane. (NYPD))

Cops shot a man Saturday night in Bushwick after they say he struck a police car and an officer with a wooden cane.

Two officers were patrolingnear the Myrtle Avenue J station around 10:30 p.m. when they saw Dairon Bledsoe allegedly hit their patrol car with a wooden cane.

When the cops told the 27-year-old to stop, he fled but one of the officers chased him, police said.

The officer...

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Bloomberg reflects on values that shaped the city during tenure

Michael Bloomberg aba

(Credit: The mayor speaks at the Association for a Better New York's breakfast. (Mayor's office))

With less than a month left before he hands the keys of City Hall over to Bill de Blasio, Mayor Michael Bloomberg looked back at his 12-year tenure Thursday and touted the ways he enhanced the city.

Speaking at the Association for a Better New York's breakfast at the Brooklyn Marriott, the mayor predicted New Yorkers will be living better for a long time due to his efforts on various fronts....

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