Column: Lady Gaga and the tech bubble



Carl Icahn says we’re in a bubble. Larry Summers says we’re not.

Financial media have debated the topic in recent weeks, and both sides have offered some seemingly irrefutable points.

Low interest rates would tend to drive up asset prices; however, high unemployment would tend to hold them back. Stocks aren’t historically overvalued, but then again the economy is historically weak. Corporate...

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Lady Gaga's 'Saturday Night Live' gag guide

Lady Gaga will perform the final concerts at

(Credit: Getty Images)

Lady Gaga is hosting “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. Here are our tips for the flamboyant singer to get some deserved applause. (Get it?) Hopefully Ms. Gaga is reading our little guide to getting gags.

1: DO stay within your comfort zone. Play characters that have some connection to music. Maybe co-host “What’s Up With That?” with Kenan Thompson.

2: DON’T wear your weird stuff: meat...

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