Movie review: 'In Secret' -- 3 stars

'In Secret', directed by Charlie Stratton.

Émile Zola's "Thérèse Raquin" gets its first major big screen English language treatment in Charlie Stratton's "In Secret," which is technically also an adaptation of Neal Bell's play based on the Zola novel but retains the pinpoint exploration of human nature that made the original work so influential.

It's a tragedy captured in hushed tones and muted colors, a story in which everyone and...

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Movie review: 'Pompeii' -- 3 stars

Milo (Kit Harington) and Atticus (Adewele Akinnouye-Agbaje) with

(Credit: TriStar Pictures/Caitlin Cronenberg)

Pompeii is one of the great underexplored subjects in cinematic history. There's rich dramatic potential in the stories of the civilization ended by Mt. Vesuvius' sudden, terrible eruption in 79 A.D. and they've been barely exploited save for several adaptations of Edward Bulwer-Lytton's 19th century novel "The Last Days of Pompeii."

Paul W.S. Anderson, the auteur of trash like the "Resident...

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Film Comment Selects: Intriguing cinematic offerings

Jake Gyllenhaal in "Enemy."

One of the great joys of attending any film festival is the experience of discovering a movie for the first time, to sit down without any preconceptions and to emerge with your mind expanded and your perspective shifted.

There's a flip side to that, of course. Entrusting your moviegoing experience to a team of festival programmers leaves you exposed to their whims and desires.


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'Lego Movie' tops weekend box office



 "The Lego Movie" collected $48.8 million to top box office charts for a second week, finishing far ahead of romantic comedy "About Last Night" which had ticket sales of $27 million over the Valentine's Day weekend.

"RoboCop," a remake of the 1987 science fiction film about a part-man, part-cyborg crime fighter, was third with sales of $21.5 million, according to studio reports.


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Scorsese, DiCaprio retrospective at Ziegfeld Theater

Martin Scorsese, right, on the set of "The

(Credit: Paramount Pictures/Mary Cybulski)

Peanut butter and jelly. Ham and cheese. Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio. Some things just go well together.

Help celebrate a fruitful cinematic collaboration at a film retrospective of the works of Scorsese and DiCaprio with screenings Thursday and Friday, as well as a Q&A Thursday with DiCaprio, film editor Thelma Schoonmaker and writer Terence Winter before a screening of "The...

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Movie Review: 'RoboCop,' 2.5 stars

Joel Kinnaman, right, stars in the "RoboCop" remake.

(Credit: Joel Kinnaman, right, stars in the "RoboCop" remake. (Columbia Pictures - Sony, Kerry Hayes))

Samuel L. Jackson's recent interview with a Los Angeles TV station got a lot of attention when the anchor apparently mistook him for Laurence Fishburne. But look past that awkward encounter with KTLA's Sam Rubin and you'll find a revealing moment when it comes to the "RoboCop" remake.

"When I heard they were making a remake, I wondered why," Jackson says on the program. "I read it, still didn't...

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'LEGO Movie' tops 'Monuments Men' to score huge box office win

LEGO? minifigure Emmet (voiced by CHRIS PRATT)

(Credit: A scene from "The LEGO Movie." (Warner Bros. Pictures))

"The LEGO Movie," an animated film based on the colorful plastic children's blocks, snapped up $69.1 million in ticket sales to top weekend box office charts, easily beating the George Clooney World War II film "The Monuments Men."

"The Monuments Men," which also stars Matt Damon, Bill Murray and John Goodman, was second with $22.7 million in sales at U.S. and Canadian theaters. The film is...

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Zoe Kazan chats about playing twins in 'The Pretty One'

Zoe Kazan and Jake Johnson in "The Pretty

(Credit: Zoe Kazan and Jake Johnson in "The Pretty One." (Dada Films))

Zoe Kazan comes from a famous family, sure, but she's adeptly made a name for herself over the course of a still-young career as an actor and a playwright.

"The Pretty One," a movie opening Friday, presents the 30-year-old granddaughter of iconic filmmaker Elia Kazan with a significant challenge. She stars as twins Laurel and Audrey in a serio-comic fable that explores the happenings when...

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'Awkward Moment' can't put brakes on 'Ride Along' at the box office

ride along

(Credit: Kevin Hart and Ice Cube star in "Ride Along." (Universal Pictures))

Buddy cop comedy "Ride Along, starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, cruised to a third straight weekend at the top of the box office charts, outearning new release "That Awkward Moment."

"Ride Along" collected $12.3 million in ticket sales over what was a slow Super Bowl weekend at many domestic movie theaters. The film has collected $93 million since its January 17 release.

Second place...

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Movie review: 'Charlie Victor Romeo' -- 2.5 stars

Sam Zuckerman, left, Noel Dinneen, and Nora Woolley

(Credit: Collective: Unconscious)

"Charlie Victor Romeo" is among the more unlikely cinematic endeavors, a 3-D adaptation of the 1999 play taken nearly verbatim from the cockpit transcripts preceding six plane crashes. It's a fascinating experiment that doesn't quite translate to the big screen.

The film is divided into six chapters that follow the same format: title screens introduce the date and location of the crash at...

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