Column: Google's recent YouTube fiasco isn't just about privacy



We all know better than to read YouTube comments, the ignorant, barely literate epithets that malign gender, race, and sexual preference -- when they're not spamming for profitable work-at-home jobs -- posted below a video of cat inside a cardboard box. Arguably, the site is better known for the hate-spewing mouth-breathers who lurk in the comment sections than the videos themselves.


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Eminem takes home Artist of the Year at first-ever YouTube Music Awards


(Credit: Eminem (Getty Images))

The first-ever YouTube Music Awards on Sunday, improvised with plenty of celebrity cameos thrown into the mix, saw awards going to rapper Eminem and hip-hop duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

The show made a clear bid for the quirky, a benefit of being streamed by YouTube rather than broadcast on television.

If the music itself sometimes felt a little overshadowed by all the hoopla, it shouldn't...

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