Deal reached on future of LICH

People march over the Brooklyn Bridge during a

(Credit: EPA/Justin Lane)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio Thursday announced a settlement over Long Island College Hospital that will allow a new health care provider to take over the money-losing facility.

SUNY wanted to cut loose the Cobble Hill hospital, run by SUNY Downstate Medical Center. A state Supreme Court judge, however, had barred SUNY from going forward with plans to close LICH. SUNY reopened...

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New Yorkers are burning for legal weed

A majority of Americans now favor legalizing marijuana.

(Credit: Getty Images)

New Yorkers say it is high time for the state to legalize medical marijuana and personal possession of weed, according to a poll released Monday.

A Quinnipiac University poll said 88% of New York state voters want medical marijuana legal and 57% support adults being allowed to possess a small amount of weed for recreational use.

"Medical marijuana is a no-brainer for New York State voters,...

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More New Yorkers side with Cuomo on Pre-K plan: Poll

De Blasio and Cuomo

(Credit: Mayor Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo meet in Albany. (Philip Kamrass))

When it comes to funding universal pre-K in the Empire State, most New Yorkers are on team Cuomo.

A Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday found Empire State voters preferred the governor's plan to fund early education with state money over Mayor Bill de Blasio's initiative, which would raise taxes on those who make $500,000 or more a year, by a 47% to 37% margin.

More New Yorkers...

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Cuomo starts year with high approval rating: Poll

Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks on Long Island. (Jan

(Credit: Howard Schnapp)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo starts his re-election year with major support from the Empire State's voters, a Siena College poll released Monday said.

The survey found the governor's approval rating is at 66%, as New Yorkers throw their weight behind his proposals he made during his state of the state address such as legalizing medical marijuana at select state hospitals, decreasing the estate tax and...

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Foreclosure victims push governor to focus on aid

gov cuomo

(Credit: Howard Schnapp)

Dozens of New York foreclosure victims took to their phones Sunday in a massive phone conference to demand that the governor rethink his plans for the $613 million settlement awarded to the state attorney general's office following its lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he wants the money to go into the state's general fund where he and Albany leaders can decide where it...

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Pot legalization groups see Cuomo efforts as step in right direction

gov cuomo

(Credit: Howard Schnapp)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo made history Wednesday when he announced his executive order to partially legalize medicinal marijuana in the Empire State.

Although marijuana legalization groups say his proposal to allow 20 state hospitals to give patients the drug is a step in the right direction for medicinal use, they say the road to full decriminalization of the substance is still long and filled with...

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Cuomo backs Metro-North access to Penn, Bronx

Penn Station

(Credit: Penn Station (Charles Eckert))

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Wednesdaybacked efforts to bring Metro-North service to Penn Station through the Bronx, a project the MTA has been studying.

During his State of the State address, Cuomo endorsed the proposal as a way to ensure Metro-North's ability to enter Manhattan in the event of another major storm, as well as provide transit options to east Bronx residents, who can spend more than an...

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2014 politics preview: The biggest stories to follow in NYC next year

de blasio

(Credit: Bill de Blasio with Letitia James (Charles Eckert))

This year provided its fair share of fun political stories.

From the fight over Mayor Michael Bloomberg's ban of large sugary drinks to the return of Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer, to Bill de Blasio winning the mayoral election, the city's political players and events riveted New Yorkers throughout 2013.

Although no one can predict everything that's in store for 2014 when it comes...

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State, city leaders say nation must follow New York's lead on gun control

Sandy Hook City Hall rally

(Credit: Albany leaders call for improved gun control laws. (Courtesy Assemblymember Brian Kavanagh's office))

Elected officials from all over New York gathered at City Hall Thursday to call on the federal government to follow the Empire State's lead on gun control.

With the anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting massacre Saturday, several state and city leaders said it was clear that the rest of the country was lagging behind when it came to gun safety.

Although Gov. Andrew Cuomo passed...

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Officials praise Bratton's return as NYPD's top cop

Governor Andrew Cuomo. (Charles Eckert)

(Credit: Governor Andrew Cuomo. (Charles Eckert))

Minutes after mayor-elect Bill de Blasio announced that Bill Bratton will return to the Police Commissioner post, several prominent New Yorkers shared their opinions:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo: "As the former Police Commissioner of Boston, Los Angeles and New York, Bill Bratton took on and successfully reined in historically high crime in some of the nation's largest cities. I commend Mayor Elect...

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