Five tasty ways to keep the flu at bay, courtesy of NYC chefs

Tri-Color Citrus Salad by Florian Wehrli, chef, Restaurant

(Credit: Tri-color citrus salad by Florian Wehrli (Restaurant Triomphe))

What you eat can’t entirely keep the flu away, but there are some things you can reach for that can help you steer clear of those dreaded aches and pains. At the top of the list are garlic, wild-caught salmon, green tea, yogurt, dark chocolate, sweet potatoes, strawberries and almonds.

“To help fight off germs, seek out foods that are rich in vitamin C,” said Bonnie Taub-Dix, RD, a nutritionist...

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Best bets for brunch with a bubbly accompaniment

bacon waffles from Preserve24

(Credit: Preserve24's bacon waffles with banana ice cream (Preserve24))

There is perhaps nothing greater than a boozy brunch in New York City. You can indulge in your favorite sweet or savory dishes while drowning your ambitious New Year’s resolutions in unlimited cocktails — all the while knowing that your designated driver is just a click away.

Recently, Crown (24 E. 81st St.) began offering a “Bubbly Jazz Brunch,” which combines not just unlimited Bellinis...

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What's on the menu at Super Bowl XLVIII

super bowl food

(Credit: Nonna Fusco's rice balls (Delaware North Sportservice))

This year’s Super Bowl may not feature any hometown teams, but those attending the big game will still be able to get a taste of the Big Apple.

More than a dozen MetLife Stadium concession items created specially for the game are inspired by the city’s diverse food scene.

“New York has so many flavors and textures,” said Eric Borgia, executive chef for Delaware North Sportservice, which...

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Food fight! Restaurants serve up competitive dishes

vive la crepe

(Credit: The lox crepe from Vive La Crepe.)

With dueling delis, doughnut shops, and desserts for delivery in every direction in New York, there are dozens upon dozens of delicious places to dine — and ditch.

Although many eateries haven’t officially declared war, with similar menu items — and considering they share a street or an avenue — it’s fair to say that food feuds are brewing throughout the blocks of the boroughs.


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How to add healthy color to your diet

potato dish

(Credit: The twice-baked potato from "Eat Your Colors" (Quentin Bacon))

As parents know all too well, most kids are major (and likely exclusive) fans of white foods, pasta, bread, rice. Getting the young ones to eat their greens, oranges and yellows is not always an easy feat.

But it’s an important one.

“The more deeply pigmented a food is, the healthier it is,” explains Frances Largeman-Roth, nutritionist and author of “Eating in Color: Delicious,...

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City food banks feel weight of funding cut

food pantry

(Credit: Harlem residents shop at the Food Bank For New York City. (Getty))

Emergency food providers across the five boroughs are feeling the strain from a recent cut to the federal food stamp program, according to a report by the Food Bank for New York City released yesterday.

A temporary increase to the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, or SNAP, expired on Nov. 1 and the program was hit with a $5 billion cut.

The loss amounts to an average of $29...

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Fast food workers keep heat on higher wages in citywide protests

Fast food

(Credit: Fast food workers protest in front of the Wendy's on Fulton Street in downtown Brooklyn. (Getty))

Hundreds of fast food workers Thursday held another protest against low wages at major chain restaurants.

Employees of McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's and other restaurants joined with union members and elected officials across the city in seeking a $15 an hour wage. The protest, part of a nationwide action, ended at a rally in Foley Square.

Protesting workers said they do more than...

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Fast food workers set to strike this Thursday

Employees and supporters demonstrate outside of a Wendy's

(Credit: Getty Images)

One year after their first strike action, some city fast food workers are today expected to again walk off their jobs in a continued push for a $15 minimum wage and the right to unionize without retaliation.

New York is one of now 100 cities participating in the push to goad fast food companies to hike pay and improve the working conditions for cashiers, cooks, food prep workers and supervisors.


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Fast food outlets ceding ground to healthier chains


(Credit: Getty Images)

Time-pressed New Yorkers still want their food fast. But, increasingly, they want it fresher, better and healthier.

While the number of Burger Kings dropped from 92 in 2008 to 83 this year and Wendy’s went from 50 to 43 in the same period, salad joints are growing, according to a report issued by the Center for an Urban Future. Chop’t jumped from eight locations last year to 11 this year....

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NYC a tale of "Two Food Cities," says new report

Xavier Mission food pantry in Manhattan. (July 27,

(Credit: Getty)

The stock market and luxury housing construction aren't the only things on the upswing in the Big Apple: so is hunger, according to a new report issued by the New York City Coalition Against Hunger.

"While the wealthy have better gourmet food than ever, one in six of our neighbors is struggling against hunger," said Joel Berg, the coalition's executive director, in a statement.


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