Cook this @home: L'Ecole's Arctic char with curried yogurt

L?Ecole?s Arctic Char with Curried Yogurt, Cucumbers and

(Credit: L’Ecole’s Arctic Char with Curried Yogurt, Cucumbers and Carrot-Dill Vinaigrette (L'Ecole))

For a bright, flavorful pick-me-up this dreary winter, Chef Candy Argondizza has the recipe for you.

The vice president of culinary and pastry arts at the International Culinary Center recently added a sautéed arctic char with curried Greek yogurt sauce to the menu at L'Ecole (462 Broadway, 212-219-3300, www.LecoleNYC.com), the school's in-house restaurant. And though it's made by gourmet...

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City health experts praise CVS for drop cigarettes from stores

CVS is stubbing out smokes from all of

(Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

CVS is stubbing out smokes from all of its stores this fall, a move lauded by city health experts Wednesday.

The pharmacy chain announced that starting Oct. 1 it will cease selling tobacco products because it didn't want his stores promoting cigarettes along with other healthy goods.

"Put simply, the sale of tobacco products is inconsistent with our purpose," CVS President Larry J. Merlo...

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What to expect from a personal health coach

Health coach

(Credit: Working out with a health coach can help you lose those last few pounds.)

What happens when you work out constantly and don’t ever seem to lose any weight? What if you have a trainer, a therapist, plenty of friends, and nothing seems to be working? Who do you turn to?

Well, for Holly Sose, the answer was a personal health coach. People constantly ask Sose, a real estate agent, whether her health coach is her therapist, nutritionist, or friend. The answer is that...

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Five tasty ways to keep the flu at bay, courtesy of NYC chefs

Tri-Color Citrus Salad by Florian Wehrli, chef, Restaurant

(Credit: Tri-color citrus salad by Florian Wehrli (Restaurant Triomphe))

What you eat can’t entirely keep the flu away, but there are some things you can reach for that can help you steer clear of those dreaded aches and pains. At the top of the list are garlic, wild-caught salmon, green tea, yogurt, dark chocolate, sweet potatoes, strawberries and almonds.

“To help fight off germs, seek out foods that are rich in vitamin C,” said Bonnie Taub-Dix, RD, a nutritionist...

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Check your 'fitness ego': Prevent injuries from even the most basic exercises


(Credit: iStock)

Before you attempt that side plank or do another downward dog, stop and take a step back before you hurt yourself. That's right, even the most seemingly benign exercises can cause serious hip, lower back or shoulder injuries when not executed properly.

Colin O'Banion, a physical therapist and the owner of Integrate Health & Wellness in Manhattan, says he often sees patients who, despite...

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How to add healthy color to your diet

potato dish

(Credit: The twice-baked potato from "Eat Your Colors" (Quentin Bacon))

As parents know all too well, most kids are major (and likely exclusive) fans of white foods, pasta, bread, rice. Getting the young ones to eat their greens, oranges and yellows is not always an easy feat.

But it’s an important one.

“The more deeply pigmented a food is, the healthier it is,” explains Frances Largeman-Roth, nutritionist and author of “Eating in Color: Delicious,...

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Wear your health stats on your wrist: fitness bands take off

Nike Fuelband

(Credit: The Nike+ Fuelband SE measures a variety of physical activities.)

Do you know how many steps you took, how many stairs you climbed and how many calories you burned today? Do you want to?

Whether you're looking to get in shape or just up your fitness game, it might be time to invest in a wearable fitness tracker. But with an ever-expanding list of options, picking the right device to fit your goals and your lifestyle is no small feat.

Here's what you...

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First Timer: Trying Crunch Live for an at-home workout

Craig Smith

(Credit: Professional dancer Craig Smith leads the class Gospel House Aerobics at Crunch and on Crunch Live.)

Sometimes, you just don't want to leave your apartment. And as for working out, well, getting to the gym really can be the hardest part. Enter Crunch Live. For just $9.99 a month, you can work out in your living room (or, let's face it for you cohabitants, your bedroom), by viewing workouts online. 

But is it possible to get the same workout at home as you would in a class with an instructor...

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At Fastbreak Sports, serious basketball for kids

Fastbreak Sports

(Credit: Fastbreak Sports has a state-of-the art, professional basketball court.)

For basketball-crazy NYC kids there's a new game in town, in the form of a state-of-the-art, nearly 8,000-square-foot sports facility. Fastbreak Sports, in a space that used to house a movie theater, offers indoor sports programming for kids of all ages -- from kindergarten through high school. But the focus is on hoops.

Fastbreak founder Lonny Levine started the program -- which has traditionally...

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Juicing in January: It's time to cleanse

Love Grace

(Credit: The Love Grace juice cleanse drinks are raw and organic and contain vital nutrients.)

Some New Yorkers are beginning 2014 with a trendy juice cleanse.

"The results can be exhilarating," says AQUAhydrate spokesperson Keren Gilbert, a registered dietitian.

A cleanse boasts beauty benefits, too.

"Juice cleanses can have positive effects on skin by increasing hydration," says Juva Skin & Laser Center's Dr. Anthony Rossi, M.D. "Cleanses also...

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