A Valentine's Day dining guide made for two

the chocolate milk punch at betony

(Credit: The chocolate milk punch at Betony.)

From the city’s newest openings to cooking classes designed for two, we’ve got your Valentine’s Day needs covered.

Betony five-course tasting menuThe artful five-course tasting menu at one of last year’s most esteemed openings is sure to impress your better half, as are Eamon Rockey’s creative potations, such as the crystal-clear chocolate milk punch and the fragrant Chanel No. 5. cocktail,...

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Seinfeld drops hints about secret filmed project

Jerry Seinfeld

(Credit: (Getty))

Jerry Seinfeld gave some more tidbits Thursday about the mysterious project that he's working on with his iconic sitcom's alumni.

The 59-year-old comedian appeared on WFAN's Boomer & Carton show to talk about the Super Bowl, but he was pressed to dish out more information about the filming that took place at Tom's Restaurant on the Upper West Side with Jason Alexander.

Seinfeld was...

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2014 dining preview: Predicting New York City's trendy foods

uni dish

(Credit: Duck egg spaghetti with uni, Guanciale and lemon at Charlie Bird. (Noah Feck))

Foodies are taking over the world -- or New York City, at least.

In a foodie town like New York, there are trendy foods that come and go. Some are lasting, some are fleeting. While 2013 will go down in history as the year of the Cronut (although it would be surprising if that's a lasting trend), there's really no way to predict something magical like that.

But we can try. Here are the...

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New Yorkers hate noisy restaurants but love going out to eat

New Yorkers love going out to dinner and

(Credit: Getty Images )

When you factor in take-out food, New Yorkers eat out more often than anyone else in the country, according to a new Zagat survey. About 58% of lunches and dinners are prepared outside our NYC kitchens, compared to 47% of such meals nationally.

We spend handsomely for all those prepared-elsewhere suppers. NYC Zagateers reported paying an average of $48.56 per person for dinner (vs. $40.53...

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