Ask an Expert: How do I make sure I inherit my parents’ co-op?


(Credit: ROB BOUDON)

My elderly parents plan to leave everything equally to my brother and me, although the two of us are no longer on speaking terms. Unfortunately, they don’t say anything in their will about who gets their Queens co-op.

I do everything for my parents, and I’d like to inherit the shares -- not to live in the apartment, but to sell the shares and keep the proceeds. Is this possible? If so, how?


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Ask An Expert: I'm buying an apartment. How much should I pay in attorney fees?



I'm buying an apartment in Manhattan with a budget of $1 million tops. How much should I pay for a real estate attorney? Do the rates differ if I buy a co-op versus a brand new condo? Should it be flat rate or hourly? I've gotten wildly different quotes, ranging from $2,000 to $10,000. One lawyer wants to charge $635 an hour!

I don't want to be taken advantage of. Help!

When it comes...

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Charles Soule dishes on the many, many comics he writes

A panel from "Superman/Wonder Woman" No. 5

(Credit: DC Entertainment/Tony S. Daniel)

Practicing law is certainly time-consuming.

Practicing law while also writing seven monthly comics featuring the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman and She-Hulk seems like an unwieldy task, but that's the current workload for Brooklynite Charles Soule.

"I think [it's] because they're so different that I'm able to do it," Soule says. "If all were a weird horror book or a superhero romance...

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Victoria Beckham works out in NYC the day after her fashion show

Victoria Beckham (Getty Images/Leon Neal)

(Credit: Victoria Beckham (Getty Images/Leon Neal))

No rest for the weary!

Less than 24 hours after staging her fall 2014 fashion show in New York, Victoria Beckham hit up Barry's Bootcamp for a morning sweat session.

The on-the-go mama of four was "very unassuming" upon arriving bright and early for the 8:20 a.m. class Monday in Chelsea, an onlooker told us.

"She expected no special treatment at all and waited outside...

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Report lists city's most dangerous streets for pedestrians

Broadway north of 99 street, Manhattan, is one

(Credit: Broadway at 99th Street, one of the city's deadliest roads for walkers. (Bruce Gilbert))

Broadway and Woodhaven Boulevard in Queens were the deadliest streets for pedestrians between 2010 and 2012 in the city, according to a report released Wednesday on the region's most dangerous roads.

The Tri-State Transportation Campaign, using the most recent federal highway data, released a report, "The Region's Most Dangerous Roads for Walking," that said nine pedestrians on Broadway and...

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Ask an Expert: When is a "penthouse" not a penthouse?



I'm in the market for an apartment on the top floor of a building -- no stomping neighbors above my head, thank you very much! But it seems like every listing advertises these units as "penthouses" even when there's nothing special about them.

How do I figure out if an apartment truly is a penthouse? Will I wind up paying a premium for what's basically just marketing?

It's an unfortunate...

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Feds: State Sen. John Sampson lied to the FBI

New York State Sen. John Sampson exits the

(Credit: Sen. John Sampson exits the Federal Courthouse in Brooklyn on Aug. 8, 2013. (Charles Eckert))

State Sen. John Sampson’s legal woes grew Monday when a superseding indictment in Brooklyn federal court accused him of lying to the FBI about efforts to get a tax break for a liquor store in which he held a secret interest.

Sampson, 47, a Democrat representing Canarsie, has been facing charges in Brooklyn federal court since last May of embezzling $440,000 from foreclosure-sale escrow funds,...

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In snowstorm, MTA avoids mistakes of 2010 blizzard

mta snow

(Credit: Bloomberg)

The MTA's preparation for this week's snowstorm was informed by its failures of a 2010 blizzard that trapped hundreds of A train riders in a car for hours through the night.

Since then, the MTA has changed its methods for handling snowstorms, such as pulling back service to avoid cars getting stuck and staffing up its Incident Command Center with about 15 people representing a host of divisions...

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Manhattan has city's slowest buses: Report

M50 Bus

(Credit: M50 Bus (Lauren Lancaster))

Manhattan was the "winner" in the Straphangers Campaign's awards for the slowest and most unreliable buses in the city.

The Pokey Awards for slowest-traveling buses were bestowed on two crosstown lines in midtown -- the M42 and M50 -- that were as fast as walking on an average afternoon. Manhattan also had nine out of the 10 slowest bus routes in the city.

"Our advice...

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