De Blasio joins Bloomberg's gun control coalition

blasio bloomberg

(Credit: Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio and Mayor Michael Bloomberg meet after the election. (Charles Eckert))

Mayor Bill de Blasio followed in his predecessor's footsteps Thursday by joining the Mayors against Illegal Guns coalition.

De Blasio said he agreed with the work done by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg's group over the years and promised to help push the federal government to create stricter gun restriction legislation.

"We are going to force this issue on the national stage to protect...

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Council moves on NYPD hit-and-run data bill

(Getty Images)

(Credit: (Getty Images))

The City Council's new transportation chair Wednesday led a vote to overturn former Mayor Michael Bloomberg's veto of a bill requiring NYPD to publish hit-and-run data.

The committee, chaired by Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez of upper Manhattan, unanimously voted against Bloomberg's 11th-hour December veto, sending the bill to the full City Council for an official override. Bloomberg's veto message...

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City, MTA brace for 2014's second snowstorm

MTA bus

(Credit: MTA)

UPDATED 1/21/14, 6:30 PM: The MTA said that crews will be working overnight to ensure subways and buses will run normally during the morning rush hour.

The storm disrupted express service during Tuesday's evening rush hour, causing trains to run local to allow the MTA to move cars underground.

MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz said trains will be moved out of express tracks early in the morning,...

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Rockaway ferry to stay until May, possibly longer

The Rockaway ferry service, which costs $4 round

(Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

The ferry that brings Rockaway and south Brooklyn to Manhattan will continue riding the waves, but at a higher fare for passengers.

Mayor Bill de Blasio Tuesday said the Rockaway ferry service will cost $3.50 a ride, from $2 previously, and operate until May, with an option to extend it until August. The city's Economic Development Corp. will also solicit proposals from ferry operators to...

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New Yorkers are optimistic about de Blasio's future: Poll

de blasio

(Credit: Bill de Blasio makes a speech during the inauguration. (Charles Eckert))

Bill de Blasio may only have two weeks' experience as mayor, but a majority of New Yorkers say they are optimistic about the future of the Big Apple under his administration, according to a poll Thursday.

Quinnipiac University released the results of its first poll conducted after de Blasio assumed office found that 67% of Gothamites are enthusiastic about the next four years and they agree...

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De Blasio appoints city health chief, addresses 'forkgate'

de blasio

(Credit: Anthony Lanzilote)

Mayor Bill de Blasio said Thursday he would press forward with many of Michael Bloomberg’s health initiatives, including a proposed ban on large sugary drinks, but pledged to solicit public views to defuse the “nanny state” rap leveled at his predecessor.

“I’ve for a long time felt the core impulse of the previous administration when it came to public health is correct ... but often times,...

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Jon Stewart doesn't approve of de Blasio's pizza-eating method

Jon Stewart

(Credit: Jon Stewart wasn't pleased about the mayor's technique. (Hulu))

Mayor Bill de Blasio's unorthodox method of eating a pizza irked New York's resident "pie expert" Jon Stewart.

"The Daily Show" host went off on the mayor during Monday night's show after de Blasio made headlines for eating a pizza at a Staten Island restaurant last week with a fork and knife. Stewart jokingly cursed at de Blasio's eating habits.

"You're supposed...

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De Blasio cheers NFL for bringing Super Bowl to city

super bowl

(Credit: A rendering of the Super Bowl Boulevard toboggan run. (NFL))

Mayor Bill de Blasio should be doing an end-zone dance: His team, the New England Patriots, is a contender for the Super Bowl and his city is hosting the Big Game.

"I want to commend the NFL because they broke with the history and decided to go to a major city that happened to be in the north and play in an outdoor stadium," de Blasio told reporters at a news conference. "It's going to have...

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De Blasio, Dolan push for Pope Francis to visit the Big Apple

De Blasio and Dolan

(Credit: Mayor Bill de Blasio poses with Cardinal Timothy Dolan at the cardinal's residence. (Charles Eckert))

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Cardinal Timothy Dolan said they would love to roll out the red carpet for Pope Francis and help spread his mission of fighting for the poor to New York City.

During their first meeting together Monday at the cardinal's residence, the mayor and the leader of the Archdiocese of New York said they discussed formally inviting Pope Francis for a Big Apple visit as soon...

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De Blasio gives pep talk to NYPD recruits

de blasio bratton

(Credit: Mayor Bill De Blasio shakes hands with Bill Bratton. (Anthony Lanzilote))

Mayor Bill de Blasio sought Thursday to reassure the NYPD that he respects its work after winning election as a vocal critic of the department, telling a class of 650 police recruits “there is literally no higher calling than protecting others.”

He swore in the recruits at Queens College — his first such ceremony since becoming mayor.

“You happen to be joining the most dedicated, the...

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