Facebook teams up with Fox on Super Bowl


(Credit: Getty Images)

Facebook is collaborating with Fox Sports for Sunday's Super Bowl broadcast, the social network's latest move to increase its role as a hub for real-time conversations around sports and news events.

Fox will integrate content from Facebook into its pre-game television programming, including public comments from Facebook and Instagram users about the football game as well as fan statistics...

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Hoteliers hoping for a Super Bowl bonanza

The New Yorker Hotel, at 481 Eighth Ave.,

(Credit: Meredith Deliso/amNewYork))

The game may be in New Jersey, but a lot of the money it brings will be spent in New York.

The NY/NJ Super Bowl Host Committee projects that the 400,000 visitors expected to flood into the area for Sunday's Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos will generate up to $600 million for the ecomony.

Many believe the projection to be inflated, but that's not stopping New...

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Robberies in subway system fell 22% last year

NYPD officer

(Credit: Robberies in 2013 dropped in the transit system by 22%. (Charles Eckert))

Decoy operations helped reduce the number of robberies in the subway system by 22% last year, the NYPD's top transit cop told the MTA board Monday.

Electronic devices were a popular target for subway muggers and pick pocketers, making up 54% of stolen property in all robberies and grand larcenies.

"Clearly, our decoy operations were critical to reducing these electronic thefts," Joe...

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Television review: 'Enlisted' -- 3.5 stars


(Credit: Chris Lowell, Geoff Stults and Parker Young star in "Enlisted.")

It's hard to justify saying a show is refreshingly original when it feels in spirit a lot like "Stripes" or "M*A*S*H," but I'm going to make the attempt.

Geoff Stults, most recently of "The Finder," is supersoldier Sgt. Pete Hill, who after an incident Afghanistan is deployed to Rear Detachment, which is a military base in Florida for the army's less desirable....

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