City tanning salons will be regulated by health department

tanning bed

(Credit: The city's health department will regulate tanning salons. (iStock))

If you're planning on getting your artificial tan, be prepared for changes.

The city's Health Dept. unanimously voted Wednesday to regulate tanning salons and shops. Under the regulation, that goes into effect in six months, stores will have to bar customers under 17, require users to use protective goggles and make store owners post signage near the artificial tanning beds about about the...

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City mandates daycare kids get flu vaccine

flu shot

(Credit: Children less than 5 years old must get a flu shot if they go to daycare. (Getty))

Parents who want to put their toddlers in preschool will have to make sure their kids get their shots first.

The health department approved a measure Wednesday that mandates that any child under 5 must get the flu vaccine if they want to enroll in a daycare program. Health Commissioner Thomas Farely said one out of four city kids contract the virus, which is harsher for them due to their weak...

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St. Luke's Roosevelt maternity ward has TB scare

luke hospital

(Credit: Charles Eckert)

Babies and parents who were admitted to the maternity ward at St. Luke's Roosevelt may have been exposed to tuberculosis, the Morningside Heights hospital said Wednesday.

An employee who works in the ward tested positive for the bacterial infection and they immediately began sending letters to patients, the hospital said in a statement.

"Few individuals exposed to someone with TB...

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