Coalition launches to push Albany to raise minimum wage

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(Credit: amNY)

A new state wide coalition launched Tuesday to push for a minimum wage hike.

Elected officials, unions and other groups said they will push for the passage of legislation that will raise the rate above its current $8 an hour. The coaltion's members, which include 32BJ SEIU, the Working Families Party and National Employment Law Project, say other states and cities have already raised their...

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Tech wrecked? Cell phones can make some of us sick

The cell phone can be a cruel companion,

(Credit: John Moore/Getty Images)

Tech can wreck your body.

While cell phones may allow us to shop, chat, game and gossip with greater ease than ever before, constant use can trigger an array of troubling musculoskeletal troubles. Medical professionals say that "text claw" "selfie syndrome," and "text neck," have joined "Blackberry thumb" as repetitive strain injuries caused from the constant use of devices that tether us...

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MTA chief bids farewell to Metro-North president

The site, called Commuter Action Group, provides a

MTA chief Thomas Prendergast Wednesday praised the president of Metro-North, Howard Permut, at the last board meeting before his retirement this week.

Permut, a 30-year veteran of the MTA who has worked at Metro-North since the agency's creation in 1983, became president in 2008.

"Howard's career spans the entire time that Metro-North has been an institution, a time in which the railroad...

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Movie review: 'Charlie Victor Romeo' -- 2.5 stars

Sam Zuckerman, left, Noel Dinneen, and Nora Woolley

(Credit: Collective: Unconscious)

"Charlie Victor Romeo" is among the more unlikely cinematic endeavors, a 3-D adaptation of the 1999 play taken nearly verbatim from the cockpit transcripts preceding six plane crashes. It's a fascinating experiment that doesn't quite translate to the big screen.

The film is divided into six chapters that follow the same format: title screens introduce the date and location of the crash at...

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Apps like Cover are teching-up dining out

Pay your bill with Cover.

(Credit: COVER)

Like practically everything else, dining continues to get more digital.

You can make reservations with OpenTable, get a ride to the restaurant with Uber, and use a coupon from Groupon.

Apps like Cover, which launched in October, are targeting the final part of your dining experience -- when it's time to pay up. Cover saves your credit card information so participating restaurants, 40...

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Parade of A-listers coming to Broadway this year

michelle williams, james franco

(Credit: Michelle Williams, James Franco (Getty))

Bradley Cooper isn't the only A-lister coming to Broadway soon.

News broke last week that the Oscar-nominated "American Hustle" hunk will star in a fall revival of "The Elephant Man" as the severely deformed John Merrick, a role he played during the 2012 Williamstown Theatre Festival, joining a large list of celebs performing on the Great White Way this year.

Fresh off the finale of...

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Dean McDermott headed to rehab

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott

(Credit: Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott (Getty))

Amid reports of infidelity, Tori Spelling’s hubby Dean McDermott has entered rehab.

“I am truly sorry for the mistakes I have made and for the pain I’ve caused my family,” McDermott said in a statement.

“I take full responsibility for my actions and have voluntarily checked myself into a treatment center to address some health and personal issues. I am grateful to be getting the help...

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News 'Update': Colin Jost replacing Seth Meyers in 'SNL' segment

colin jost, seth meyers

(Credit: Colin Jost, left, and Seth Meyers (Getty))

There’s a new funnyguy at everyone’s favorite faux news desk.

“Saturday Night Live” head writer Colin Jost will replace departing cast member Seth Meyers as co-anchor of the “Weekend Update” segment, a rep for the late-night NBC show confirmed to us Thursday.

Jost, who is also a stand-up comedian and screenwriter, will join castmate Cecily Strong as co-anchor.

Meyers’ final show...

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All the dish on this year's Oscar nominations

american hustle

(Credit: From left, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence (Getty))

The Academy is really doing the “Hustle” this year — and “American Hustle” director David O. Russell is surely doing a happy dance, too.

For the second year in a row, he has a movie at the top of the Oscars pack, following last year’s highly successful “Silver Linings Playbook,” which saw an Oscar for actress Jennifer Lawrence.

For “Hustle,” Russell is nominated again, as are the stars...

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Gratitude, giving, love the big takeaways for survivors of Flight 1549

flight 1549

(Credit: Getty)

While survivors of US Airways Flight 1549 were affected differently by the abrupt diversion of their flight to Charlotte, N.C., into the Hudson River five years ago, some contend a near-death experience can prove to be a surprising positive in the long haul.

When the plane you're on is falling out of the sky, "you get that moment of clarity when you say, 'if I get another chance,...

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