Discrimination has got to go

Kudos to Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Council for officially boycotting the St. Patrick's Day Parade for its embarrassing history of discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender New Yorkers. For years, parade organizers have forbidden people from marching behind a banner celebrating dual identities: Irish and queer.

Based upon Catholic teachings about homosexuality,...

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Schindler: Soul of the Folk Art Museum lives on

The decision by the Museum of Modern Art to demolish the former site of the American Folk Art Museum -- a contemporary architectural masterpiece -- at first feels disloyal to the repurposing spirit of the very outsider art the building was erected to honor.

But to focus solely on the fate of the building, however creative its design, overshadows the true heart and soul of any museum: the work...

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Editorial: Tough love on the way for hospitals

People march over the Brooklyn Bridge during a

(Credit: EPA/Justin Lane)

Everyone's a winner in yesterday's agreement to keep Long Island College Hospital open to provide -- in Gov. Andrew Cuomo's carefully measured words -- "long-term viable health care."

The state can offload a huge money-loser. Mayor Bill de Blasio, who was marched off in plastic handcuffs last July to protest the possibility of closure, can now claim victory -- even if that's a stretch. And...

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Featherstone: Walking in city not always fun -- but should be safer

A pedestrian crosses Queens Blvd. in Rego Park.

(Credit: Jeremy Bales)

Pedestrian is an adjective meaning dull or boring. But in New York City, it's a powerful noun that describes the millions of us who love the city's varied streetscapes, from the wig stores on Fulton Street in Brooklyn to stylish brunch-goers in the West Village to the parade of Sunday hats in Harlem.

Not always, though.

This winter, unshoveled snow and ice turned our daily travels into...

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O'Reilly: Mayor Bill de Blasio's ID plan will create second-class citizens

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio delivers

(Credit: Charles Eckert)

Should New York City residents living here unlawfully receive official government-issued identity cards?

Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced just such a proposal, and the debate is already hot and heavy. Under his plan, the IDs would be used to open bank accounts, sign apartment leases, file police reports and generally make life in the big city easier for people who technically aren't supposed...

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Editorial: Help Port Authority regain its integrity

The Port Authority Board of Commissioners hold a

(Credit: Jennifer S. Altman)

You have to start somewhere. Wednesday Port Authority Board Chairman David Samson apologized to the public on behalf of the agency for the "inconvenience caused to our travelers."

But wait. Inconvenience?

He was speaking about the massive four-day traffic jam inflicted last fall on drivers trying to reach the George Washington Bridge. Kids were stuck on school buses for hours. Ambulances...

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Vogel: Moving to Florida? Consider yourself warned

Yes, more people perhaps will smile and say

(Credit: Tribune Content Agency / Donna Grethen)

Any day now, New York will officially lose its standing as the nation's third-most populous state to Florida, according to the Census Bureau.

Ten percent of those permanently flying, driving or hitching south are from New York. How do most people decide to abandon our state -- and great city -- for the land of George Zimmerman and Gov. Rick Scott? After interviews, I've discovered it's usually...

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NYPD Confidential: Mayor put Bill Bratton in a tough spot with phone call

Mayor Bill de Blasio declared "end of story"

(Credit: Charles Eckert)

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was not notified of Mayor Bill de Blasio's midnight call to a deputy chief, inquiring about the arrest of a prominent black minister and supporter, until 6:30 a.m. the next day.

That means nearly seven hours passed from the time de Blasio called Kim Royster, the commanding officer of the police public information office, to ask about the arrest of Bishop Orlando...

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Brody: The key to romance rests on a good resume

The competition among singles to become couples, especially

(Credit: Tribune Content Agency / Donna Grethen )

I should have better luck with women.

People tell me I'm handsome, charming, and funny. I look like the boy next door, can easily take command of a room, and know how to leave everyone in stitches.

But I've always attracted the wrong kind of women.

At 14, my first girlfriend threatened to kill herself . . . with a spoon. The next one never said much other than hello and goodbye,...

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Reyes: Bronx needs to break chain of political corruption

State Assemblyman Eric Stevenson exits the Court for

(Credit: Agaton Strom)

When Assemb. Eric Stevenson was swiftly convicted of bribery and fraud this week, the Bronx Democrat's guilty verdicts became the most recent link in a chain of corruption that has shackled the borough for years.

A jury found that Stevenson, who represented poverty-afflicted Morrisania and East Tremont, took $22,000 in bribes to deliver a monopoly of adult-care centers to Russian businessmen....

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