City Living: Bed-Stuy has brownstones, history and diversity



In recent years, Bedford-Stuyvesant, the sprawling, historic brownstone neighborhood in northern central Brooklyn, has become a sought-after area for real estate.

Residents there say it should be no surprise that it is once again blossoming to be what it was before its downfall in the 1980s. They say its housing stock -- mainly filled with 19th century brownstones and row houses (some...

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Ask an Expert: How do I make sure I inherit my parents’ co-op?


(Credit: ROB BOUDON)

My elderly parents plan to leave everything equally to my brother and me, although the two of us are no longer on speaking terms. Unfortunately, they don’t say anything in their will about who gets their Queens co-op.

I do everything for my parents, and I’d like to inherit the shares -- not to live in the apartment, but to sell the shares and keep the proceeds. Is this possible? If so, how?


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Five reasons to rent a new apartment right now



New York City real estate experts are encouraging New York City renters who are thinking about relocating to brave the cold and look for a place now.

“Winter, spring, summer, fall, I always think renting a home in [the city] is a wonderful experience,” Citi Habitats president Gary Malin, said. But now is “a great time for a tenant to be out in the market place because you’re more in control...

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City Living: Classic NY on the Upper West Side 90th-99th streets



Ensconced between Central Park and Riverside Park, the Upper West Side area between West 90th and West 99th streets is known for its stunning architecture, plethora of food options and acclaimed schools.

This section of the UWS is stocked with long-time neighborhood establishments sharing streets with newcomers, tree-lined Brownstone blocks, and schools such as the prestigious Trinity preparatory...

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Ask An Expert: I'm buying an apartment. How much should I pay in attorney fees?



I'm buying an apartment in Manhattan with a budget of $1 million tops. How much should I pay for a real estate attorney? Do the rates differ if I buy a co-op versus a brand new condo? Should it be flat rate or hourly? I've gotten wildly different quotes, ranging from $2,000 to $10,000. One lawyer wants to charge $635 an hour!

I don't want to be taken advantage of. Help!

When it comes...

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City Living: Ridgewood has tons of fun sandwiched in

Shops along Myrtle Avenue.

(Credit: Shops along Myrtle Avenue. See more photos in the gallery below. (Charles Eckert))

Sitting on the border of Queens and Brooklyn, Ridgewood is packed with the old and new; it is chock full of history and is a popular spot for young people to move today.

Gary Giordano, chairman of Ridgewood’s Community Board 5 moved to the Queens neighborhood nearly three decades ago and said it has maintained a unique charm over the years.

“A lot of the housing was built here between...

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Ask an Expert: When is a "penthouse" not a penthouse?



I'm in the market for an apartment on the top floor of a building -- no stomping neighbors above my head, thank you very much! But it seems like every listing advertises these units as "penthouses" even when there's nothing special about them.

How do I figure out if an apartment truly is a penthouse? Will I wind up paying a premium for what's basically just marketing?

It's an unfortunate...

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City Living: Union Square really never sleeps

Union Square Park


Ask real estate agent Shpresa Elezi how she would describe Union Square, the small box of a neighborhood situated where the East Village, Flatiron and Gramercy Park intersect, and she’ll say: “Vibrant.”

Jennifer Falk, executive director of The Union Square Partnership, calls it “dynamic.” Those are the typical words used to characterize an area that has always been electric.

The area...

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Report: Manhattan home sales strong in 2013



The Manhattan sales market had a strong 10-year run between 2004 and 2013, according to a Douglas Elliman report released Wednesday.

The report found that 2013 was the second- strongest year for home sales in 25 years, with 2007 coming in first. The number of sales in the borough rose from 8,653 in 2004 to a high of 13,430 in 2007 over the last decade. Last year, there were 12,735. The lowest...

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Ask an Expert: Should I not buy an apartment under an LLC?



Are there any drawbacks to buying an apartment under an LLC? Can I still get a mortgage?

There are indeed some disadvantages to buying an apartment under a Limited Liability Company (LLC) formed for that purpose instead of buying under your own name, say our experts, but let's start with the advantages first.

The benefits of LLC ownership include anonymity (your name will be shielded...

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