Mutts will be in Westminster Dog Show for the first time ever this year

Alfie, a poodle terrier mix, tackled a miniature

(Credit: Getty Images )

They let the dogs in!

For the first time ever, "all American dogs" (i.e. mutts) will be participating in the Westminster Kennel Club Annual All Breed Dog Show.

Mutts will compete with purebreds in the First Masters Agility Championship on Feb. 8 at Pier 94 in the club's 138th annual show. The timed, skills-based competition is judged on a handler's ability to direct a dog through...

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Hero pilot Chesley Sullenberger continues his mission to save lives

Capt. Chesley B. Sullenberger III

(Credit: Capt. Chesley B. Sullenberger III (Getty))

Capt. Chesley B. Sullenberger III has had quite an eventful life since heroically saving 155 people by bringing US Airways Flight 1549 to a crash landing after a flock of geese jammed the plane's engines five years ago today.

Sullenberger, 62, has become a best-selling author, been congratulated by Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, become an advocate for air safety and joined the...

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Gratitude, giving, love the big takeaways for survivors of Flight 1549

flight 1549

(Credit: Getty)

While survivors of US Airways Flight 1549 were affected differently by the abrupt diversion of their flight to Charlotte, N.C., into the Hudson River five years ago, some contend a near-death experience can prove to be a surprising positive in the long haul.

When the plane you're on is falling out of the sky, "you get that moment of clarity when you say, 'if I get another chance,...

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Why some NYers are looking for May-December roommate pairings

Mabana Bamba found her room mate through the

(Credit: courtesy of Mabana Bama )

The oddest NYC flatmate pairing is not an Oscar and a Felix, but a person 65 or older living with a much younger, unrelated roommate.

While related multi-generational households are on the upswing (high housing costs and tough economies force families to double-up) less than 1% of the NYC metro area's 6.9 million households include a person more than 65 years old living with a non-family member,...

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Drug users say legal syringes sometimes confiscated

No caption

(Credit: iStock)

While police confiscations of syringes have gone down since a state law in 2010 permitted people to carry those that are legally obtained, it still goes on in the city, according to harm reduction educators and some drug users.

"There are still abuses. They take away their meds or rip up their cards. They take away their syringes, and for what -- so they can share a syringe and Hep C?"...

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Snow-melting salt a likely cause of midtown manhole fire

Manhole fire

(Credit: Jonathan Percy/Instagram)

A manhole in midtown erupted in flames and black smoke a Monday afternoon, snarling traffic and resulting in the temporary evacuation of 1,500 workers from 140 W. 51st St., said officials.

Extreme weather - a contributing cause of so many winter fires - was likely a factor in yesterday's blaze, which took 60 firefighters more than two hours to quell, said Con Ed spokesman Bob McGee. "After...

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Fatal Hell's Kitchen fire originated from power strip: FDNY

hell's kitchen fire

(Credit: A fire caused smoke and fire damage on the facade of 500 W. 43rd Street. (Charles Eckert))

The deadly fire at the luxury condo high rise on West 43rd St. on Sunday was an accident, and probably caused by an overloaded, defective or overused power strip, the FDNY said Monday. The fire, which sparked in a 20th floor unit, is thought to have begun when the building's occupant was not at home, according to a department spokesman.

Newlywed Daniel McClung, 27, a resident of the 38th floor,...

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Here's how to succeed in your New Year's resolutions

Approach your resolutions strategically if you want to

(Credit: iStock)

Again we resolve to eat better and less, save money, stop smoking and be nicer to our colleagues and loved ones -- or get some colleagues and loved ones.

But while 45% of Americans make New Year's resolutions, only about 8% are successful in long-term change, according to University of Scranton data excerpted on Statistic Brain.

We up our odds of success, though, if we are approach our...

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No rest for some merry gentlemen and women this Christmas

Some people have to work on Christmas

(Credit: Jeremy Bales)

In the city that never sleeps, many New Yorkers toiling to keep it awake won't be spending Christmas with their families, but at work with colleagues.

"About 70% of the restaurants close on Christmas, so the ones that are open take advantage of this opportunity to make money," said Kahlil Saliba, 42, left, co-owner of La Cerveceria in the East Village. Stratospheric rents...

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The wolves of Wall Street a new breed in today's finance sector

Leonardo DiCaprio in "The Wolf of Wall St."

(Credit: Mary Cybulski)

"The Wolf of Wall Street" depicts a boiler-room culture in which brokers bilk customers of hundreds of millions of dollars and then launder their ill-gotten gains to buy mansions, Ferraris, yachts, personal aircraft, hookers and pharmacopoeias of recreational drugs.

Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays the pathologically corrupt rogue trader Jordan Belfort in the film, said in a Manhattan...

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