City Living: Bed-Stuy has brownstones, history and diversity



In recent years, Bedford-Stuyvesant, the sprawling, historic brownstone neighborhood in northern central Brooklyn, has become a sought-after area for real estate.

Residents there say it should be no surprise that it is once again blossoming to be what it was before its downfall in the 1980s. They say its housing stock -- mainly filled with 19th century brownstones and row houses (some...

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City Living: Classic NY on the Upper West Side 90th-99th streets



Ensconced between Central Park and Riverside Park, the Upper West Side area between West 90th and West 99th streets is known for its stunning architecture, plethora of food options and acclaimed schools.

This section of the UWS is stocked with long-time neighborhood establishments sharing streets with newcomers, tree-lined Brownstone blocks, and schools such as the prestigious Trinity preparatory...

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City Living: Ridgewood has tons of fun sandwiched in

Shops along Myrtle Avenue.

(Credit: Shops along Myrtle Avenue. See more photos in the gallery below. (Charles Eckert))

Sitting on the border of Queens and Brooklyn, Ridgewood is packed with the old and new; it is chock full of history and is a popular spot for young people to move today.

Gary Giordano, chairman of Ridgewood’s Community Board 5 moved to the Queens neighborhood nearly three decades ago and said it has maintained a unique charm over the years.

“A lot of the housing was built here between...

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City Living: Union Square really never sleeps

Union Square Park


Ask real estate agent Shpresa Elezi how she would describe Union Square, the small box of a neighborhood situated where the East Village, Flatiron and Gramercy Park intersect, and she’ll say: “Vibrant.”

Jennifer Falk, executive director of The Union Square Partnership, calls it “dynamic.” Those are the typical words used to characterize an area that has always been electric.

The area...

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City Living: Kingsbridge is a quiet nabe with a lot of pride


(Credit: Check out more photos of Kingsbridge in the gallery below. (Anthony Lanzilote))

Ask those bustling in or out of Kingsbridge’s 231st Street subway station what they think of their tiny pocket of the northwest Bronx, and there is a good shot you will hear a lot of the same answers.

People most familiar with the 0.75-square-mile neighborhood use words like “beautiful,” “booming,” “diverse” and “home” to verbalize their Kingsbridge pride.

“Things are looking up for...

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City Living: Fort Hamilton is perfect for laying family roots

fort hamilton

(Credit: The shoreline promenade in Fort Hamilton. See more photos in the gallery below. (Linda Rosier))

Fort Hamilton, located in the southwestern corner of Brooklyn, is a neighborhood where families go to settle down.

The residential streets and avenues lined with businesses provide the perfect combination of quiet and bustle, allowing residents to stay for generations since all their needs can be met in the area.

Taking its name from the nearby Fort Hamilton Army Garrison Base, the small...

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City Living: Manhattanville's rising popularity


(Credit: See more photos of Manhattanville in the gallery below. (Anthony Lanzilote))

Nestled beneath the Riverside Drive Viaduct, the once-forgotten neighborhood Manhattanville is getting revamped.

Also known as West Harlem, the area is gradually gaining popularity and making a name for itself as a center for dining, nightlife, and innovation. In recent years an influx of new establishments gave the area a fresh vibrancy -- from restaurants to theater groups, and a biotech...

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City Living: Richmond Hill has gorgeous homes and lots of culture

Victorian home in Richmond Hill.

(Credit: See more photos of Richmond Hill in the gallery below. (Uli Seit))

Ethnic eateries serving up dishes like roti and curry or rice and beans with yucca; historic churches mingling in close proximity to Hindu temples and Muslim masjids; bustling retail corridors with sari shops flaunting a colorful array of traditional South Asian attire; and well-kept streets lined with small single-family homes and large Victorians — this is the middle class neighborhood of Richmond...

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City Living: Fort Greene is a haven of history

fort greene

(Credit: See more photos of the neighborhood in our gallery below. (Linda Rosier))

Nestled between a park and the waterfront, the centuries-old Fort Greene neighborhood offers cultural diversity and accessibility.

Ask Cecilia Clarke how she likes living in Fort Greene and she’ll tell you that  “Fort Greene is the best place I have ever lived in my life. Ever.”


“I moved to Fort Greene ten years ago from Brooklyn Heights and within two weeks I had good...

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City Living: The Garment District is the place to be for biz

garment district

(Credit: See more photos of the Garment District in the gallery below. (Anthony Lanzilote))

Once the textile and fashion hub of New York City, the Garment District is now changing rapidly as more businesses from industries outside of fashion are moving in.

From advertising agencies and architecture firms to creative workspaces, tech, graphic design and lighting companies, the Garment District is now saturated with a new kind of creative buzz.

It is one which Garment District...

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