2014 health preview: Fitness, food trends to keep your eye on

crunch fitness

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With the New Year comes resolutions. Now, you can either shy away from those pesky resolutions, claiming they will only make you feel bad if you don't achieve them, or you can embrace them. The key, of course, is to make the goals achievable. Almost everyone's goal is to get in shape or to get healthy.

We spoke with a nutritionist and a fitness guru on what the big trends in health and wellness...

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Obamacare's signup deadline on Monday has some exceptions

president obama

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For most Americans who don't have health insurance, Monday is the deadline to sign up for coverage starting on January 1 under President Barack Obama's healthcare law.

For others, it's not a deadline.

There is a "hardship" exception for some that permits them not to sign up any kind of health insurance at all without facing a penalty - the hardship being problems they've encountered...

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Cook this @home: Kin Shop's curry glazed baby white turnips


(Credit: Cook Kin Shop's curry glazed baby white turnips @home and tell us how you did. Tweet @amNewYork!)

Is the turnip a favorite vegetable of yours? No? That's not surprising. In fact, it's probably safe to assume that the root vegetable is at the bottom of most people's lists.

But that's too bad, because turnips can be very flavorful if prepared correctly and seasoned well. And they're good for you, too.

For chef Harold Dieterle (Kin Shop, The Marrow, Perilla), the turnip has been...

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Spinning in water: the latest "it" workout expands


(Credit: High intensity spinning meets water sports in aqua-cycling.)

Jump in the pool, get fitted on a stationary, mostly submerged bike and start pedaling.

That's how a workout at the boutique fitness studio Aqua (78 Franklin St., 212-966-6784) begins.

Combining the gentle resistance of swimming with the high-intensity burn of spinning, aqua cycling is one of the latest "it" workouts in Manhattan's ever-expanding fitness scene. And just recently,...

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City tanning salons will be regulated by health department

tanning bed

(Credit: The city's health department will regulate tanning salons. (iStock))

If you're planning on getting your artificial tan, be prepared for changes.

The city's Health Dept. unanimously voted Wednesday to regulate tanning salons and shops. Under the regulation, that goes into effect in six months, stores will have to bar customers under 17, require users to use protective goggles and make store owners post signage near the artificial tanning beds about about the...

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City mandates daycare kids get flu vaccine

flu shot

(Credit: Children less than 5 years old must get a flu shot if they go to daycare. (Getty))

Parents who want to put their toddlers in preschool will have to make sure their kids get their shots first.

The health department approved a measure Wednesday that mandates that any child under 5 must get the flu vaccine if they want to enroll in a daycare program. Health Commissioner Thomas Farely said one out of four city kids contract the virus, which is harsher for them due to their weak...

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amExpert: How can we avoid overindulging during the holidays?

egg nog

(Credit: One cup of egg nog contains approximately 600 calories. )

It's practically unpatriotic or a mortal sin not to overeat and overdrink during "The Holidays" -- the dreaded season that starts with Thanksgiving and progresses through Christmas until the show-stopping gourmet overkill of New Year's. This time period can cause a sense of unease.

My philosophy remains the same -- make the low-calorie choices where possible, don't waste calories...

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U.S. pregnancy rate slides to 12-year low, finds new report

(Getty Images)

(Credit: (Getty Images))

The pregnancy rate among U.S. women fell to its lowest point in 12 years in 2009, continuing its slide from a peak in 1990, according to U.S. government data released on Thursday.

While rates for women aged 30 and younger fell between 1990 and 2009, with a notable decline among teenagers, they increased for those aged 30 and older, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.


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City to hear both sides in e-cigarette regulation bill Wednesday


(Credit: HANDOUT)

Electronic cigarettes have boomed in popularity over the last couple of years, according to the city's health department, but plans to regulate the plastic sticks in the same fashion as their paper counterparts has set up a serious debate about the untested product.

The City Council's health committee is set to hold a hearing Wednesday on legislation that would regulate e-cigs the same way...

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Career 180: Inspiring others to be healthy



For Marissa Vicario, working in public relations didn’t satisfy her interest in nutrition and her desire to inspire others to be healthy. So, even after getting a master’s degree in a related field, she left her PR job at a Fortune 500 company to start a career as a holistic health coach. Vicario, 35, went back to school to study nutrition and holistic health, and founded Marissa’s Well-Being and...

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