Reyes: The pedaling proletariat perturbs The Plaza

A rack of Citibike bikes awaits riders. The

(Credit: Getty Images)

For decades, the marketing tagline "Nothing unimportant ever happens at The Plaza" has lived up to its decadent double negative.

The French Renaissance chateau-style landmark has been the playground of the influential since it opened 106 years ago.

Now, it's the battleground of a modern-day French revolution pitting the hotel's wealthy residents against the pedaling masses.


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Editorial: De Blasio's snowstorm turnaround

A man crosses Lexington Avenue at East 96th

(Credit: Getty Images)

A helpful hint for all mayors: If you make a mistake, own up to it and move on.

That's what Mayor Bill de Blasio did Tuesday -- and instead of looking like an embattled, misinformed churl, he came out looking like an honest man.

That's not an everyday sight at City Hall.

At a news conference yesterday morning, the mayor was pummeled by an army of reporters about the miserable snowed-in...

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Featherstone: De Blasio must tell Congress to strengthen food stamps

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks

(Credit: Charles Eckert)

A new report from the Food Bank for New York City found a dramatic increase in visitors to the city's food pantries and soup kitchens.

The report draws a link between more New Yorkers turning to its network of soup kitchens and food pantries and Congress' Nov. 1 decision to cut $5 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. For the first time, benefits for every recipient were...

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Editorial: Hospital's woes show need for wider plan in Brooklyn

amny logo

(Credit: amNY Logo)

The vital signs for Brooklyn's Interfaith Medical Center are fading fast. While union workers and others rally to save their jobs and keep the doors open, Albany is tired of rushing in emergency cash transfusions.

Last week Interfaith flirted with chaos when it looked as if it might fail to meet its next payroll. Ambulances were temporarily diverted and dozens of hospital workers protested...

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O'Reilly: The dizzying speed of change

The pace of technology is exciting and appreciated

(Credit: Tribune Content Agency / Donna Grethen)

A friend I grew up with had a peculiar habit. Every few steps, he would lean down and touch the ground, as if to be sure it was still there. I don't know the root of his condition, but his need to feel terra firma is beginning to make sense.

A new smartphone was announced last week: The Blackphone is supposed to block National Security Agency spy satellites from tracking your every word and...

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Editorial: Time is right for medical marijuana in New York

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's approach to introducing medical marijuana

(Credit: iStock)

This isn't a pipe dream: Medical marijuana may waft into New York through the back door.

With a few sentences in his State of the State address, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo unveiled a plan to let 20 hospitals give marijuana to patients with serious illnesses as part of a research program created under an obscure state law. State health officials will now have to turn Cuomo's idea into a workable...

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Vogel: Galloping to ban NYC horse-drawn carriages

Horse drawn carriage

(Credit: The future of horse drawn carriages in Central Park is up for debate. (Getty))

With so many urgent issues facing the city, why did Mayor Bill de Blasio make getting rid of New York's iconic horse-drawn carriages his first priority?

"They are not humane, and not appropriate for the year 2014," de Blasio said right before taking office. "So just watch us do it." He proposes replacing the carriages with antique-like electric cars.

The carriage-horse...

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Editorial: Clear-cut and tough tasks for new CUNY chancellor

James B. Milliken

(Credit: University of Nebraska)

The City University of New York has chosen James B. Milliken, president of the University of Nebraska, as its next chancellor -- and in many ways the new job is likely to be an education for him.

He's leaving a system with 50,000 students and four campuses to run a system with 270,000 students and 24 campuses. But he does know our city. A 1983 graduate of New York University law school, he...

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Opinion: Don't get snarled in lane closure scandal

George Washington Bridge

(Credit: Getty Images)

Are you sick of the George Washington Bridge scandal yet? Or just sick of the way some in the media talk about it?

I'm talking about "snarled," of course, which is inevitably how reporters and pundits describe the traffic outside the bridge after two inbound lanes were closed last year. But journalists are the only people on God's green earth -- which includes, yes, New Jersey --...

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Editorial: Move foward with plan to bring Metro-North service to the Bronx


(Credit: Metro-North Railroad train at the Yonkers Terminal. (Bloomberg))

A much-needed plan to bring Metro-North commuter service through the eastern Bronx and into Penn Station is finally building momentum, thanks to a timely jump-start from Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The idea has always seemed like a no-brainer.

Metro-North trains would use a stretch of the Amtrak northeast corridor, which runs from Penn Station under the East River to Queens, over the Hell Gate...

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