Figueroa-Levin: E-cigarettes stir up a cloud of debate


(Credit: Getty Images)

Last week, the City Council debated whether to ban e-cigarette smoking in public places.

People who want to inhale nicotine-infused vapor at restaurants, for instance, are currently allowed to do so because it technically isn't smoking. My inner libertarian thinks that laws banning the indoor use of e-cigarettes are silly, especially because the data on the effects of secondhand e-smoke are...

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Editorial: GWB political ploy was a bridge too far

George Washington Bridge

(Credit: Getty Images)

For years auditors have groused that the Port Authority is a patronage pit hard-wired with dysfunction.

They have a point: Exhibit A is the controversy raging in New Jersey over the possible use of George Washington Bridge lane closures as a weapon of political retaliation.

Here's what we know: On Sept. 9, the first day of school, the authority suddenly closed two of Fort Lee's three...

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Editorial: Ice rink heats up Bronx renaissance

bronx rink

(Credit: Mayor's Office)

The Bronx skated to a hard-fought victory this week when the City Council voted to transform the hulking Kingsbridge Armory -- empty for the last 17 years -- into a national ice sports center with nine skating rinks and a 5,000-seat hockey arena.

We hope it moves the Bronx renaissance into high gear.

Scheduled to open in 2017, the Kingsbridge National Ice Center will provide the Bronx...

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Troxel: Deadly aftermath of 'microsleep'

Whether someone is piloting a locomotive loaded with

(Credit: iStock)

The recent derailment of a Manhattan-bound passenger train that killed four people and injured more than 70 appears to have been caused by fatigue. The engineer has said he slipped into "a daze" and neglected to apply the brakes as the train approached a curve at deadly speed.

To sleep researchers, this sounds like an episode of "microsleep," commonly referred to as "highway...

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Editorial: Release the brakes on new taxi for NYC

"Taxi of Tomorrow"

(Credit: "Taxi of Tomorrow" (Getty Images))

Talk about a bumpy ride. Mayor Michael Bloomberg initially wanted to introduce the Nissan NV200 -- the "Taxi of Tomorrow" -- with a grand flourish in October. It never happened.

A judge slammed on the brakes with a decision that the mayor had exceeded his authority when he designated one distinctive cab to dominate the city's fleet. The mayor can only set technical specifications...

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Opinion: Affordable housing critical to domestic violence survivors

NYC skyline

(Credit: Getty Images)

Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio's support for affordable housing is critical to New York City's future, but not just because it would mean stable rents and mortgages for low- and moderate-income families.

It is also a critical tool to help homeless people get back on their feet and to save the lives of domestic violence survivors and their families in need of stable, long-term housing.


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Editorial: Make foam industry prove recycling works

Michael Bloomberg aba

(Credit: The mayor speaks at the Association for a Better New York's breakfast. (Mayor's office))

There's just one more thing Mayor Michael Bloomberg doesn't want you to have before he leaves office -- those plastic foam containers that keep your takeout toasty warm and your coffee piping hot.

He probably won't get his way. His bill to ban plastic foam containers has been watered down in City Council.

Still, it's a welcome step forward.

Plastic foam food containers are a problem...

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Vogel: Public servant says goodbye in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. (Getty)

(Credit: Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. (Getty))

In a few weeks, he will vacate the office he's held for 12 years. Term limits have finally caught up with him. Although he must be given credit for many notable accomplishments, more than a few people will be glad to see him go.

Yes, it's time to say goodbye to Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz.

Growing up, Markowitz never had it easy. He dragged himself to night classes at...

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Figueroa-Levin: Knockout game: Don't give in to fear, hatred

amny logo

(Credit: amNY Logo)

There's one single rule in the brutal knockout game: An attacker aims to render a victim unconscious with a single sucker punch.

With attacks from Milwaukee to Paterson to New York City -- where at least 10 people have been victimized -- the so-called knockout game has become the latest fear-inducing news story in our city. Several deaths also have been linked to it nationwide, according to...

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Editorial: Better Select Bus Service critical for NYC

select bus

(Credit: Nancy Borowick)

Most New Yorkers have a grueling daily commute. Our travel times are among the nation's worst, averaging from 52 to 69 minutes on public transit. And riders in the outer boroughs face an especially harrowing ordeal.

Jammed trains, long rides and buses that can only inch their way through congealed traffic are all part of the deal.

But there's a plausible answer to the problem.


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