MAYBROOK - Police have identified the man killed and two others injured in a Maybrook wall collapse yesterday.

Police say Timothy Lang, 53, of Saugerties, was killed when a retaining wall collapsed at a construction site on Homestead Avenue in Maybrook just after some concrete was poured.

Scott Winkler, 50, of Monroe, was critically injured and taken to Westchester Medical Center. Rafael Zakota, 37, of Queens, was also injured but has been released.

The men were part of a crew working on an aqueduct designed to carry water during emergency situations.

News 12 spoke with Paul Aktins, of Halmar Construction, by phone. Aktins says the company is carrying out its own internal investigation to determine if the accident was caused by human error or a construction component failure.

Maybrook Mayor Dennis Leahy says the village didn't know the work was taking place on the site, and it didn't have any applications for building permits on file at the time.

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The spokesperson for Halmar tells News 12 it was only building a mock-up of an aqueduct that was not intended to stay up permanently.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the accident to determine if any workplace safety standards were violated.