MOUNT VERNON - Crews are working to fix a water main break in Mount Vernon that is impacting nearly a dozen businesses and people living in nearby apartment buildings.

Water Department officials say a ten inch main broke along south Fulton Avenue around 9:30 a.m. today and water has seeped into many business along the street. "I have an electronic stores and my basement is flooded. I have at least six inches of water in the basement," says merchant Cory Henry.

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Water has been turned off to almost a dozen shops but the taps are running in some of the nearby apartment complexes. City officials say residents shouldn't drink their water or do laundry. "Right now with the water pressure being so hard in the beginning, it stirred up all sediment so a lot of people are going getting discolored water at this second," says Water Commissioner Anthony Bove.

Bove says he hopes to have the water back and flowing by this afternoon.