NORWALK - This week, News 12 Connecticut's What's Ailing You looks at the intense allergy symptoms patients have been complaining about in southwestern Connecticut this season.

From itchy eyes to sneezing and congestion, this season’s allergies have become a big problem.

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Dr. Sonia Bisaccia of 203-Urgent Care in Norwalk says that she can relate because she has been feeling allergy symptoms for the first time in her life and has been hearing the same complaint from her patients.

"I've never had them before," says Dr. Bisaccia. "My understanding is that pollen load right now is unusually high. The trees and plants are blooming in a very intense way.”

Dr. Bisaccia says that it's pretty common to dismiss the problem. But, she says that you will breathe easier once you take control of the congestion by buying an over-the-counter antihistamine.

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