THE BRONX - Two Bronx gas stations are being accused of taking advantage of customers in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has opened an investigation into a total of 13 city stations, including a Mobil station on Gun Hill Road and a Lukoil, which is owned by Getty, on Pelham Parkway.

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Consumer complaints show that while drivers were waiting hours in long lines to fill up, the price at the Mobil station rose as high as $4.89 per gallon, and the Lukoil charged up to $5.39 per gallon of regular gas.

Mobil gas station owner Kevin Issa claims people are making false complaints because he never overcharged for gas. The city's Department of Consumer Affairs also stopped at the station and found no violations or evidence of price gouging.

The average price in New York City before the storm hit was about $3.90 per gallon.