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'666 Park Avenue' shines bright with Hudson Valley stars

The ABC drama

The ABC drama "666 Park Avenue" stars Terry O'Quinn as Gavin Doran and Vanessa Williams as Olivia Doran. Photo Credit: ABC

"What would you sacrifice to live your dream?"

This is the tantalizing question that lies at the heart of the supernatural drama "666 Park Avenue," says one of the series' stars, Dave Annable.

And to hear it from the three local actors on the show -- Suffern native and former Walden resident Annable, Chappaqua resident Vanessa Williams and Yonkers native Erik Palladino -- the trio are already living their dreams with their respective roles.

"I feel really lucky," Annable said. "I tell you from my heart that this job feels special and I think we'll be around for a long time."

"666 Park Avenue" takes place at a swanky residential building on Manhattan's Upper East Side where the residents share a driving ambition to succeed. Williams plays the glamorous Olivia Doran, who owns the building -- the Drake -- along with her husband, Gavin (Terry O'Quinn). Annable plays Henry Martin, who moves into the Drake with his girlfriend, June (Rachael Taylor), and is quickly seduced by the building's extravagance. And Palladino is Tony DeMeo, the building's doorman, who seethes with secret resentment. The Drake is a place where people can achieve their wildest desires -- but potentially at the cost of their souls.

"666" is shot in New York City, a tremendous draw for each actor when signing on to the series. Palladino and Annable, who were both living in Los Angeles before being cast on the show, noted how lucky they are to film here. Williams, a longtime Chappaqua resident, is equally thrilled.

"There's nothing like shooting in New York on the streets," she said. "There's a certain energy that is part of the city. People try to duplicate it on screen, but when you see the real McCoy, there's no denying it."

Palladino, who says "Yonkers is a part of the fabric of who I am and who I will always be," also welcomed the opportunity to film in his hometown area and beyond. "It's a city show that takes place in Manhattan and we shoot in Brooklyn. So I think that there's a distinct possibility that [the show will] be shooting in the Hudson Valley."

Besides the lure of filming in New York City, all of the local actors were attracted to the show because of its script.

"There's really nothing like this on network television right now," said Annable, adding that unlike other popular supernatural series like "True Blood" and "American Horror Story," there's no blood or gore.

Williams similarly emphasized that the show won't be too scary for viewers to enjoy. "The scare factor is not what the basis of the show is about," she said. "Hopefully it will be like watching a movie each week."

"666" has a sizeable ensemble made up of eight full-time cast members who have already become close. Palladino learned the ins and outs of Twitter with the help of teenage co-star Samantha Logan during a table read, and O'Quinn is known for playing his guitar and entertaining cast and crew while on set. Palladino, Annable and Williams have also bonded over their Hudson Valley connections.

While praising his fellow castmates, Palladino singled out Annable. "That David Annable, he is cute," he said, adding, "that's probably going to be a quote you're going to use, isn't it?"

Annable called Williams "mama bear."

"If I need anything, she's the one I go to," he said.

And Williams expressed her excitement that Palladino's sons will have the opportunity to grow up in New York, just as her children, who attended Chappaqua schools, did.

In looking ahead to the show's Sunday premiere and forthcoming first season, Annable believes that "666 Park Avenue" will strike a chord with viewers as did another hit show that starred O'Quinn.

"It really has this sort of mystical, mythological element, and it keeps you guessing like 'Lost' did," he said. "I think that really works for the show in terms of being this sort of watercooler chatter on Monday morning."

"666 Park Avenue" premieres at 8 p.m. on Sunday on ABC.

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