There's finally some relief when it comes to bedbugs on the subway: The 7 train has been determined to be bedbug-free after an investigation, the MTA said on Thursday.

A straphanger told Business Insider he saw bedbugs "coming out from under the seat to feed on people's legs."

MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz said in an email that the MTA followed up on the report and checked the train and found no evidence of bedbugs.

Straphangers have been on edge since four N trains and a 5 train were fumigated after bedbugs were discovered in the cars earlier this month.

This summer's mini-outbreak of bedbugs on the subway is not the first time the insects have been caught riding the rails. In 2008, bedbugs were reported in the benches at two subway stations, and in 2009, a bedbug was reported on the R train.

Bedbugs are commonly found in beds, sofas and cushions, but they can also live in clothes.

Meanwhile, an MTA cleaner told the Daily News that she had been infested with bedbugs from her locker near the Ditmars station. The MTA fumigated the location, but she said she "started scratching two days earlier." She said she asked the MTA to fumigate her home, but they do not fumigate private homes.

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An MTA spokesman confirmed on Thursday that they do not fumigate non-transit property, and said the MTA is continuing to do spot checks of crew rooms and other transit facilities and will fumigate if necessary.