Battery Park City resident Mary Dillon would not run away.

For Dillon and several other Battery Park residents who gathered there Sunday to pray and remember, the attacks are forever etched in their memories.

"When we were evacuated 10 years ago, we made a commitment to stay," said Dillon, 54, whose four daughters were born and raised in Battery Park City.

"This was our home when we fled," she said. "All my daughters, who were then 3, 6, 9 and 11, said, 'We want to go home.'

"We felt if we left, we were giving up. Our roots were here and we were not going to let the terrorists win. A lot of people moved, but for us, there was always something special about Battery Park."

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For the last 10 years, the quiet dawn service has offered residents a solemn moment away from the crowds that converge at Ground Zero.

"It feels really good to be with neighbors and friends," said Rosalie Joseph, who has lived in Battery Park City since 1990. "It's good to be surrounded by this gorgeous park, and embrace the unity we share."