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Memories of Andrew Brian Jordan

Our Family Remembers: Andrew Brian Jordan

As we gather at our parents home to celebrate and remember our lives together, we laugh, we cry, we remember our beautiful Andrew.

Our parents, Eileen and Thomas Jordan, have lived in West Islip for 42 years. They have eight children: five daughters and three sons. Andrew was the eldest son. Named Andrew Brian for both his grandfathers. Andrew was devoted to his beloved parents, siblings, many nieces and nephews. He had a strong faith in God.

Andrew achieved so much for his young 36 years. A graduate of West Islip High 1983. Graduated from Ohio Technical Institute a diesel mechanic. A member of LIPA IBEW Local 1049 for years, before changing careers for the FDNY. Andrew Brian Jordan was a member of the Fire Department of New York for seven years.

He had his own family. His eyes and face would light up when he spoke about becoming a father again and his beloved children he adored!

“Andrew was humble early in life,” his father, Thomas, said. “It helped him make good decisions.”

He had a wonderful kind nature with a fabulous sense of humor. He enjoyed nature, loved dogs and really loved fishing! We miss his intoxicating laugh and beautiful smile. Andrew would pop in on his parents often. He always had a cup of tea in his favorate chair at the table. He would tell a good joke or say something funny to make us all laugh. He was always looking for something to do, like powerwash the walkway or fix something.

Our mother told us: “Andrew was going to school at night getting ready to take the Lieutenants exam.”

He would have excelled with the FDNY. He excelled at anything he set his mind to. Andrew had enormous strength and was very muscular, yet very kind and gentle, too. We miss you Andrew and think of you every day. The way you lived your life made you a hero to our family long before Sept. 11, 2001. In a Mother's Day card, he wrote, “Mom you and Dad raised us kids in a good home with a lot of love.” Friendship, Love & Loyalty. The last phone call to his parents was on Sunday. Every one was able to say “I love You.”

We will always love you Andrew.

Margie (older sister)

Andrew was a brilliant man not just in academics. He had this understanding of applications, apparatus, motors, heavy equipment, electric, construction, tools, Fire & safety, to mention a few.

“I remember the day he was born. I was with aunt Mary (our mother's sister) she took out her rosary beads to pray.” Thank God every one was

OK. And on Sept. 11, everyone held their rosary beads and prayed, “Please God let him be OK.”

Mary & Ellen & Elizabeth (sisters)

We had so much fun as kids. We had a big yard and a big family. With all the kids in the neighborhood we would play and be outside all day. Andrew loved the water, as kids it was Argyle Lake. As we grew it was the Great South Bay. Our parents did it all with us. We had a camper and one summer we all went upstate camping. It was great. Then we had a boat and we would launch it in West Islip’s marina. I remember Andrew as a kid had some arm winding the crank to get the boat back on the trailer. I remember him playing little league and he was picked to hold the American flag in the Memorial Day parade.

“His face shined with pride.” He grew up to be a man of great strength both physically and mentally. He was very muscular. After high school, his patriotic pride was tattooed on his upper right arm. A beautiful American bald eagle and in her talons she clutched the Irish shamrocks -- our Irish heritage.

Thomas (younger brother)

Andrew and Thomas were inseparable. As young boys only a year apart, they were often mistaken as the twins. They did everything together. They attended school all day, played and shared a bedroom. They attened the same Ohio Technical Institute and became LILCO employees together. But it was the bond of brothers they shared. It was so special spending time fishing and enjoying themselves.

Bernadette (sister) recalls her favorite memory

Andrew won the sixth-grade trophy for best athlete on field day. He was so honored to have won because it not only recognized him for his physical abilities but also for his sense of sportsmanship, team spirit and leadership. These same qualities were evident throughout his life.

John (youngest brother)

Andrew loved animals -- especially dogs. At 1 a.m. on Sept. 11, 2001, John’s cell phone rang. It was Andrew “Hi John, do you want to go fishing with me? We can go to Montauk," he asked. “Sure," John said. "I’d love to!”

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