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Memories of Dennis Edwards

A great co-worker and friend

What started out as a professional relationship turned into a friendship. I worked at Lehman and was a client of Ducky’s. We talked several times per day, from 1996-1999.

I knew him to be the consummate professional at work, always having a funny word or two to brighten up your day. He worked in a team of 3-4 guys who were all in their own way different, but supported one another to the ends of the earth. Scotty, Seth & Dennis were better than most stand-up routines ... and they didn’t even have to REHEARSE!!! What characters!

Personally, I knew him to be a dedicated husband and father. I was in my late 20s at the time, and was in awe of his love for his daughter, Alexa. We used to chat about Boston College, as his wife went there, and he would always talk about the good times he had visiting BC.

I think about those guys often because I was across the street in the World Financial Center on that fateful Tuesday morning in 2001. It was the second day on our new trading floor and I was on the phone when the first plane hit. Everyone ran to look up, but from our sixth floor it was almost impossible to comprehend the scale of what had happened looking up almost 100 floors from such a close angle. I remember trying to dial those guys, but to no avail ... not even a ring tone or busy signal. Just an odd silence.

May the grace of god bless Dennis’ family in his absence, for you can be rest assured they have an angel in heaven bearing down on them.

Joe Dargan, Hillsdale, N.J.

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