Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Memories of Gerald Schrang

A fellow firefighter remembers

Before Gerry's untimely and unfortunate passing he and I were close friends due to both of us being members of our community's volunteer fire department. He was a member of the Holbrook F.D. and I am a life member/ex-chief of the North Patchogue F.D.

I was fortunate to be in attendance at the Holbrook F.D. annual installation and inspection dinner when Gerry was sworn in as chief of the department. I can still recall his father pinning the Chief's badge on Gerry during the ceromony. Who could forget that cowboy hat his dad had on that night? Actually, the band that played that night at the dinner I hired the following year when I was sworn in as chief of North Patchogue.

I also recall attending chief's conventions at the concord hotel in upstate NY with Gerry, plus the many parades and other fire department functions that we were a part of.

Last but not least, with Holbrook F.D being one of our nieghboring departments, there were the many, many times that we supported each other when we were called to duty. Gerry left us doing the job he loved the most and anytime when I hear or read something about 9/11, the first thing that comes to my mind is my friend Gerry.

Phil Baker Jr., Patchogue

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